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Saint Petersburg
<map lat='59.9' lng='30.4' zoom='9' />
Flag of Russia
Federal city:
Flag of Saint Petersburg.svg
St. Petersburg
Population: 5,131,967
Licence plate: 78, 98
Major roads: M10, M11, M18, M20
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St. Petersburg (In Russian: Санкт-Петербург, Sankt Peterburg, often called just Piter) is the second biggest city in Russia after Moscow. It has been the capital of Russia from 1703 to 1917.

Hitching out

Remember, most important: It is not possible anymore to hitchhike on the motorway ring around Piter!

Northwest towards Helsinki (Finland)

Option 1

Take the metro to the station Begovaya (Беговая). Then take bus 101, 110, 120 or 211 to stop Olgino. Look out of the window for a proper bus stop to start.

Option 2

Take a suburban train (from the stations Finlandsky or Staraya Derevnya) until the stop Lahta. Right next to the station the road is wide and nice.

Option 3

The furthest and possibly best spot can be reached as followed. Take the suburban train to station Gorskaya (Горская). It should be noted that this station doesn't have any facilities, so make sure you buy your food and go to the toilet before hopping unto the train! You can hitchhike here several meters before the busstop so that cars can pull over here. To reach this station you can take the suburban train which starts from Finliandsky (Финляндский) station which can be reached by the red metro line to Ploshad' Lenina (Пло́щадь Ле́нина). The trip from the train station takes about 41 minutes.

Northeast towards Petrozavodsk, Murmansk

Take the metro to the station ulitsa Dybenko (Улица Дыбенко) and then marsrutkas (3, 153, 254, 269) to the stop Mega Dybenko. It is large shopping center. You can hitch only after the motorway circle in 1 mile away. Traffic jams are frequent here.

South towards Moscow

Option 1

Take the metro to the station Kupchino (Ку́пчино) and then bus 196 to the stop Moskovskaya Slavyanka (Московская Славянка). You can hitch from just before the bus stop or walk forward. Traffic jams are frequent here, slowing down traffic enough to get a ride faster.

Option 2

Another option is to get to Ploshad' Pobedy (Площадь Победы). The nearest metro station is Moskovskaya. It's the beginning of the road to Moscow (Moskovskoye Shosse), pretty easy to catch direct rides to the capital here. There's a bus stop just after the roundabout, at the beginning of the road. You can hitchhike there or go a bit past the bus stop. A sign saying Moscow might be useful.

Southwest towards Tallinn

Take the Metro to the station of Prospekt Veteranov (Проспект Ветеранов), Go out of the station and walk on the street carrying the same name towards west, when you get to Prospekt Marshala Zhukova street (Проспект Маршала Жукова) cross the road and turn left. There's a bus stop and a lot of space for cars to pull over, and there's traffic jams very often, so you shouldn't wait too long. This road will take you to the M-11, going all the way to the Estonian border. If walking is too long for you (3.7 km), there is a bus nr 130 going there and also a trolleybus nr 37. the name of the stop where you have to get off is Prospekt Marshala Zhukova (Проспект Маршала Жукова).

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