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<map lat='44.455534' lng='26.1099' zoom='10' view='0' />
Flag of Romania
County: Ilfov
Population: 1,931,838 (July 2007)
Major roads: A1, A2, A3
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Bucharest (Romanian: Bucureşti) is the capital of Romania.

Hitching in and around

Bucharest has a ring road completely surrounding the city, which means that hitchhikers can accept a lift to Bucharest and then go further without having to enter the city center and then hitch out again. However, hitching from the ring road in some places can be very difficult, Especially in the north near Otopeni and highway 1 where they are constructing a new road and it is a very bad area full of prostitutes, stray dogs, gypsies and really no good places for cars to stop. In such cases it is better to just hitch into town and avoid the ring road. Then take a metro or a bus to the side of Bucharest you need to exit from.

Southbound travelers headed for Istanbul might want to stop at a truck rest stop close to where the E70 takes a right turn, where one can possibly find a lift straight there.

Hitching out

West towards Transylvania, Serbia E 81

Get the metro to Pacii (note the metro is a bit crazy - if you're not careful the trains change lines without warning and you can end up at Gare Du Nord again!). From Pacii you have to find the main road going west, and go to the first bus stop. Get the first bus that says Carrefour and go all the way to Carrefour shopping centre, this is the start of the motorway. There's a part where the fence is broken and you can access the motorway here - it's actually a very good spot to hitch, since traffic coming from the big shopping centre stops here.

The Transylvanian road runs through Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca. This is the standard route for central and western Transylvania, the other route through Brasov is a "scenic" journey that takes longer.

South towards Giurgiu, Bulgaria, Turkey E 85

Take the M2 metro in direction of Berceni. Get off at Eroi Revolutiei and look for the City Mall, walk towards it and you will see that the road forks. Take the right fork, the road will be called Giurgiului. Just after the city mall, there's a tram ticket office. Get a ticket (1.3 Lei as of October 2009), and walk a bit more on the road to get to the tram stop. It's right in the middle of the road. Take tram #25 to the last stop. Then walk down the road for 5 minutes and you will reach a service station on the right hand. You can ask people here or stop cars passing on the main road.

Northeast towards Urziceni, Buzau, Braila, Galaţi E 85

Take the metro to Piaţa Obor, then from there take tram #21 north to the last stop. The tram will turn off the main road into its terminus station, but after getting out of the tram continue walking straight on the main road. You will come to a bridge after a large market called Europa. Hitchhiking here is possible, but you will have to compete with other people who are standing alongside the road to flag down minibuses. A better option is to continue walking north for about three kilometers until after the Bucharest ring road, where all cars going northeast are isolated.

East towards Constanţa, Vama Veche (A2)

Take a tram to Nicoloe Grig.. and continue on the tram to the end of the RATB line and walk to the A2 beginning. Make real sure that the tram is going the correct direction. Jass made a great mess of this last time. It should be a tram going to the left as you exit the station. If you can find someone, ask for the tram that goes to the A2 as nonsensical as it may seem or Besatu (Resalka) (words written in an old notebook...may or may not be reliable). Walk on out for for another ten minutes or so until a roundabout. Here seems to be a good place to get rides, even if there's little traffic. Jass got a ride to Constanţa within fifteen minutes in June 2010.

Public transport

  • The bus/tram ticket inspectors are not working after 7 pm so a ticket check after this hour is highly unlikely
  • The buses are running between 5 am and 11 pm
  • 1 Ticket is 1.3 Lei (0.30 EUR)

Romanian cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants

> 1.000.000: Bucureşti

300.000–500.000: Cluj-NapocaConstanţaIaşiTimişoara

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