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<map lat='45.7926' lng='24.15' zoom='12' view='3' />
Flag of Romania
County: Sibiu
Population: 154.892 (2002)
Major roads: None
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Sibiu is a city in Romania.

Hitching in and around

From Alba Iulia E 81

If you wish to continue east towards Braşov, you can take bus 11 from the western edge of the city to the eastbound hitchhiking point.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Mediaş, Sighişoara

Take the bus no. 117 direction OBI terminus. Get off at the last stop (you will see the big OBI). From there you can hitchhike, you are on Route 14.

Here's a link for the schedules of bus line 117. i suggest you take a look at it because this bus goes very rarely; 6x/day in the week and 2x/day at the week-end.

Erga hitchhiking to Bucharest

East towards Braşov, Bucureşti E 68

Option 1: Take bus 15 from the train station to the last stop, a shopping center with a huge Real supermarket and a large roundabout.

There are 2 common hitch spots, also used by locals. One is closer to the city, the other is right after the last roundabout. The first one is probably more common for locals.

If there are too many locals at the first location it's better to go to the second location.

It's probably good to also take shorter rides that take you to or beyond the point where road #1 to Braşov and the road #7 to Piteşti and Bucureşti split up.

Option 2: Take bus Line 1 to the last station (Opel 2 or Hornbach). There are 2 petrol stations close to the A1, a Petrol and further down the road a Mol (was closed on Sept 15th 2017). Between the two stations there is enough space next to the road to catch a ride in direction of Braşov or Bucureşti. To go to Braşov, you need to be dropped off at a big roundabout, where the A1 ends and continues in multiple directions afterwards. It's easy, as there is a Petrol station, Subway restaurant and a hotel. Go to the street behind the subway restaurant to continue in the direction of Braşov.

Northwest towards Alba Iulia, Cluj-Napoca E 68 E 81

Near the long distance bus station, is a McDonalds, which the locals also use. it can get pretty crowded here. To get to Alba or Cluj you have to go through Sebes, it is good to try find a lift here first, try using a sign.

Bus 1 stops out the front of the long distance bus station, from here, McDonalds is just around the corner. There are also other buses as well though, not only 1

If the bus stop is too crowded you can pass the train bridge and wak down the road about 150m to reach a second petrol station where the traffic is more calm.


Marion_and_John found a great area to camp about 10kms out of the city. On road 1 (direction Brasov or R. Valcea), there is an unpaved road that starts on the west side of the road, 1.5kms south of the roundabout that is at the entrance of Parcul Industrial Selimbar. We followed this road for some time and then headed south across grassland. A good spot, hidden by small trees, can be found there: 45°42.988'Nx24°13.089'E (WGS84). It easy to get a lift to Sibiu (or elsewhere) at the Selimbar roundabout.

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