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<map lat='46.223137029054534' lng='24.788074493408203' zoom='13' view='3' />
Flag of Romania
County: Mureș
Population: 32.304 (2002)
Major roads: None
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Sighişoara (German: Schäßburg; Hungarian: Segesvár; Latin: Castrum Sex) is a city and municipality on the Târnava Mare River in Mureş County, Romania. Located in the historic region Transylvania, Sighişoara has a population of 32,287 (2002). It is a very beautiful city, with a medieval citadel still standing. It is also considered the birth place of Vlad the Impaler, or Dracula as some call him.

Hitchhiking out

Sighişoara is crossed by a very important road in Romania, the European route E60. It will also be quite close to the future A3 motorway.

North towards Târgu Mureş, Cluj-Napoca

Coming from the citadel, climb down the hill it's placed upon and you should hit the main road. Follow it to the left (as you descended from the citadel) for about 5 minutes. You will see a small intersection, where the main road turns right, and intersects a small road coming from the left. There should be a small church on your left side, right before the intersection. Right after this intersection, the main road widens for a bit, becoming a 4-lane, and that's where you'll need to be, just after the main road turns right, on that extra lane. Don't worry about traffic, as cars coming of the 2-lane road still use the 4-lane one as a 2-lane for a while, so it's completely safe.

South towards Braşov, Bucharest

Towards Brașov, there are many hitchhiking places along the E60 road. One of them is in front of the big commercial building (known in the past as Sigma), crossing the river from the white Orthodox cathedral.

There is another place, after the traffic light, near the bus station, in front of a sport/fishing/bike shop. You can protect your bags/and yourself from rain by storing them in front of the shop. From this place you can also take a mini-bus, stopping from 6am at each 2 hour (it has a loose schedule).

West towards Mediaş, Sibiu

For hitching to Mediaș or Sibiu you can use the same place as for Târgu Mureș (going North). Use a sign with your destination. This is the recommended place since it is closer to the citadel and a known place for hitchhiking.

Just outside the city there is a roundabout that splits the traffic going North and West. You can also wait there as at the exit cars will be slow. Sometimes, here you may have the opportunity to meet and interact with local pimps and hookers.


Marion_and_John found a great stealth camping spot. It is situated right below an antenna on top of a hill overlooking the city in the south. It is not very easy to get there as you need to find your way through an intricate network of streets and trails. You can ask locals or use GPS with good map (like OSM). A possibility is here: 46°12.848'Nx24°13.089'E. The area is covered in high grass, totally out of sight.[action]=1&SEARCH[city_id]=1327144&SEARCH[radius]=100&SEARCH[radius_type]=M&SEARCH[orderby]=dist