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Târgu Mureş
Flag of Romania
County: Mureş
Population: 146.000 (2007)
Major roads: A3 (under construction)
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Târgu Mureş (Hungarian: Marosvásárhely, German: Neumarkt am Mieresch) is a city in Mureş county, Transylvania, Romania.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Cluj-Napoca E 60 (A3)

You should get to the main road leaving town in the direction of Cluj-Napoca. It's best that you ask someone where that is. When you get on that road, the best thing you can do is grab a minibus up to the end of the road, since it's a pretty long and boring walk. Just find a bus station and get on any minibus/bus going to Combinat. One trip costs 2 Romanian Lei, and you can buy a ticket from the driver. The minibuses going to Auchan are free and they go in every hour from different parts of the city. Get off at the last stop, near the Auchan hypermarket. That's the spot. If it's really crowded, you can try walking back a bit, to the Petrom petrol station, or a bit more, to the bus stop just before Petrom. Either works fine.

However, it is not compulsory to go to the end of the town, many hitchhikers will stand near the bus stop between the train station (Piata Garii / Gara CFR) and the OMV petrol station, former Frigoriferul bus stop. This option saves you the time and efort of getting to the Metro/Auchan mentioned above, but limits the number of cars that might pick you up since many drivers, especially truckers, coming from elsewhere will avoid the city centre and will join this main road at a later junction.

South towards Sighişoara, Braşov E 60

Take a bus (number 20/17/43/12 depending on where you are) for Tudor neighbourhood, preferably one that goes to Tudor/Centrofarm/Masini de Calcul via "Corina" and not "Cutezantei". You can buy a ticket either from the driver or from a person sitting at the middle of the bus ("taxator"), depending on the line. After a large crossroads with traffic lights there is a stop where many people will get off, this is "Fortuna", you don't get off here but at the next one, after the bus turns left at a roundabout (this is "Corina"). Walk back to the main road and continue in the direction the bus was going before it turned left, find a pedestrian crossing and cross to the right side of the road. You might have to walk back a few steps and that is the spot: you are likely to notice other hitchhikers standing somewhere between the roundabout and the pedestrian crossing. Some people might choose the junction half a mile to the south, because more cars pass by that place, but it is more dangerous and you might have to share the place with prostitutes. So I'd go for the spot near the roundabout.

North towards Reghin, Bistrita, Gheorgheni (N15)

The best spot is near the bus stop in Republicii square (Piata Republicii). You can go further to stand after the second roundabout, where the road coming from the hospitals(Gheorghe Marinescu street) joins the N15.

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