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Bacău is a city in the eastern part of Romania.

Hitching out

East towards Moldova

Walk from the centre of town towards the east and cross the big river basin with the large, yellow-lined bridge. After that the road will bend left after a gas station, and you should head right at the first big road. This is called 'Calea Barladului' and it leads to Vaşlui and Moldova.

WEST towards Onesti and Brasov

Your need walk to west side of city. be careful- street "General Stefan Gusa" no way for pedestrians in the place of crossing with the railroad. If you need walk from railroad- use bridge under railroad. You can found them near railroad station.

After Mig 21 aircraft, in right side of road you can found gasoline station "lukoil". If you need Brasov- most interest RO cars with BV table.

Places to avoid

Right before crossing the big bridge across the river basin, on the right side of the roundabout, is the place where the local get rides for a small fee. If you want to avoid paying for your ride, don't hitch here, as it will be useless to try and get a ride from locals who make their living by driving others locals to neighbouring towns.

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