Baia Mare

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Baia Mare
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Flag of Romania
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Maramureş (county)
Population: 123,738
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Baia Mare (meaning Big Mine) is an important city in northern Romania and the seat of Maramureş County. It is located in the northern part of the county, on the middle course of the Săsar River, surrounded by the Igniş and Gutâi mountains. It sits on the European Road E58, connecting Romania to Ukraine (Cluj-Napoca through E576).

Hitchhiking out

South towards Dej, Gherla, Cluj-Napoca E 58

Get to the train station. Near it, there's a big round-about with a light-tower in the middle. Near it you will see large crowds along the road, but they are waiting for paid transportation. Follow the road as it passes underneath the railway, and you can hitch right after the underpass, potentially catching cars while they wait at the stoplight. If headed towards Cluj, a sign helps ("Cluj" or simply "CJ"). From Cluj-Napoca you can get almost anywhere in Romania.

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