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Flag of Romania
County: Braşov
Population: 284,596 (2002)
Major roads: A3
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Braşov is a city in Romania, the capital of Braşov County. It is the 7th largest Romanian city, after Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timişoara, Iaşi, Craiova and Galaţi. Braşov is located in the central part of the country, about 166 km from Bucharest. It is surrounded by the Southern Carpathians, and is part of the Transylvania region.

Hitching out

South towards Sinaia, Bucharest E 60

Bucharest: From the train station (gara) take the bus number 8 or 23 until the last stop. On the other side of the road you will see McDonalds, walk a bit further where the cars can stop.

Alternatively, from the Old City, station 'Livada Poștei' take bus number 17 until the 'Aurora' stop, then walk a bit to the next gas station.

Northwest towards Târgu Mureş, Cluj-Napoca E 60

From the city centre you can take bus 36 to Independentei. From there, you can walk northwest to the big road. Walk along the road until you see a speed bump. This is the ideal spot for you to hitchhike. All the cars will slow down and see you and they have plenty of space to pull over.

Its much better to catch a bus to TIPOGRAFIA BRASTAR ( check on google maps).Its 100% better and just 2 kms ahead but on beginning of highway which looks like National Road really. From Center Bus Number 18 and 40 go here all the time. Otherwise google transport this place. Once you reach this bus stop just walk 100 meters back to MOL GAS STATION Or SOCAR GAS STATION. This is the best spot to talk to driver and Cluj Turda or nearby places. Perfect Spot.

West towards Sibiu E 68

The road section from the intersection str. Lunga and sos. Cristianului (Bartolomeu area) to the bridge. You can reach Bartolomeu from the center by buses number 28 and 5.Definitely use a sign reading "Sibiu". Do not stay where people wait for the direction Rasnov, Bran but go 100 m away.

Rasnov, Bran : in the intersection str. Lunga and sos. Cristianului (Bartolomeu area)

Bacau, Sf. Gheorghe: in the intersection Harmanului str. and Garii Boulevard

Sighişoara: Take the bus number 18 or 40 to the Stop Mondotrans (after you passed the Baumax). Here you are already on the road E60 and you start hitchhiking directly from the bus stop. The E60 will also take you to the Road E68 which is the road going directly to Sibiu so it might be better to use a sign that says you want to go to Sighişoara.

Northeast towards Onești, Bacău E 574

From Autogara 3 you can catch a bus to Hărman. When you reach the bus station, named "Gara Hărman", stop there and hitchhike with your sign from the bus station where there is plenty of space for a car or a truck to stop. There is a roundabout just before and the traffic is really slow.


The hill from the direction of the watchtower..
..and from above

For sleeping I've found a perfect place, still not far from the centre. It is just above the "White watchtower", you should cross the road (Calea Poienii) and there is a hill that is the place where you can sleep.

Also there is a pretty good place(also close to White Tower): [1] If you go along this road, near the turn you can see a roof of some building(altitude of the roof surface is the same as the roadbed surface) and the roof is fenced with barbed wire, but it's easy to climb over. Only the central and farthest part of the roof is seen from the road, so you can sleep in sleeping bag on the closest to the road part of the roof.

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