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Galaţi is a city in central eastern Romania. Nearby is a route into the Republic of Moldova, the Galaţi-Giugiuleşti border crossing, which is also a convenient route towards Odessa in Ukraine.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Moldova, Ukraine (E87)

See Galaţi-Giugiuleşti border crossing

Trams are the most convenient way (and the only public transport available at the moment) way to get to the eastern edge of the city (Bazinul Nou). One way ticket costs can be purchased either from booths near the stops or directly from the conductor.

Tram no. 6 links the Arcelor Mittal factory (west side) to Bazinul Nou (east side), 3 times a day. Expect the trams to be crowded as they're used by many workers to get to their jobs. You can find the timetable here: [1]

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