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Flag of Transnistria Transnistria
Language: Moldovan, Russian, Ukrainian
Capital: Tiraspol
Population: 555,500
Currency: Transnistrian ruble
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Transnistria (a.k.a Priednistrova, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR); Приднестрóвская Молдáвская Респýблика in Russian) is a disputed region in Eastern Europe. It declared independency in 1990, but it was never recognized as a sovereign country. Transnistria is located mostly in a strip between the Dniester River and Ukraine; some few villages and the city of Bender are on the Moldovan side of Dniester but still belong to Transistria. Moldova is on the other side of the river Dniester but considers Transnistria as their own territory.

Hitchhiking is common in Transnistria, it has similar conditions as in other places of former USSR. On the main roads, there is a lot of buses (marshrutkas) which are usually kind of cheap (as in Moldova) so that many drivers won't understand why you hitchhike or may expect for a payment, if you say you travel with no money (ask before enter the car: "Bezplatna?"; which means "for free" in Russian and works as well for Moldova and Ukraine..), they usually understand and take you for free with no problem. Also, keep in mind that according to Transnistrian rules you have to register at the police section if you stay for more than 24 hours.