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Flag of Croatia
State: City of Zagreb
Population: 804,200
Licence plate: ZG
Major roads: A1, A2, A3, A4, A11
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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.

Hitchhiking out

Direction Karlovac, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Šibenik and Split, Dalmatia

File:Zagreb t0ma5.jpg
Street that leads to the Lučko toll station

To get to the Lučko ramp (toll station) on the motorway you have to catch tram #4, #14,or #17. Get out at stop Savski most. It's a bus terminal where you can catch buses #111 or #132. These buses drive to Lučko. Get off after 15 minutes of ride approx. or ask the driver to tell you where, if nobody asks for a stop you won't be able to count it because the bus won't stop there. Once you get off you will see two streets, a small one very close to you and a big one a bit further that looks like it leads to the motorway but it doesn't, take the small street till the end and you will find the motorway. If you are going to Dalmatia (Zadar, Split, etc.) don't take rides to Rijeka because it is a bit out of your way. Car plates for each city: Pula and Istria (PU), Rijeka (RI) Zadar (ZD) Šibenik (ŠI) Split (ST). It should be very easy to get a ride from there.

Update: Bus 132 is cancelled. I don't know if permanently. Bus 111 is detoured, but still goes to the stop near the pay tolls, just that the ride takes approx. 30mins now. (December 2102, Nina_Unexia)

  • I followed the ınstructıons about the bus to go to the Lucko toll statıon. The bus drıver was very frıendly and explaıned me where to get off. From the busstop towards the toll statıon ıs 10 mınutes walk. I fırst trıed at the toll statıon for one hour wıth no luck. Then ı changed strategy and I walked towards the fırst gas statıon behınd the toll statıon. Here you can fınd more shade facılıtıes and cleaner aır. Also you are able to talk to drıvers. Most of the cars where tourısts wıth no space left. It took me 3 hours to fınd a dırect rıde to Splıt. But ıt was worth ıt. Allthough there ıs less traffıc at the gas statıon I belıeve ıt ıs a better optıon than the toll statıon. Good Luck. May 2012. Len
  • " I'm always lucky with this spot, no matter where I am going. I wait about 5-10 minutes when going to Rijeka and about 20-30 when going to Zadar, Šibenik or Split. But then again, I'm a girl. HAVE A SIGN with car plates of the city you're going to. December 2012, Nina_Unexia "
  • " You can skip the bus part - just exit the tram (14 or 7) on "Jadranska avenija" which is the name of the street in which you will get after crossing the bridge and following a small road going east (with some bigger shops on your right), you can hitch on the spot where the small street is flowing into the big one, the cars go fast but there is space - even a truck. If they're not going your way, just ask to be dropped at the pay toll. Great place for finding long rides. --Uyku.tulumu (talk) 18:38, 15 March 2013 (CET) "

Further to the above directions, you'll stay on tram 14 until it's crossed the river, then find yourself on the lower level of a motorway roundabout junction. You have several possible exits under bridges. When you get off the tram with the river to your back, go right. You'll see a Billa supermarket and a McDonald's. There is a slip road there with a decent dirt layby where cars can pull in. Have a sign that reads 'LUCKO' and you'll easily get a lift to the toll station five minutes up the road. From there it's easy pickings. --Looking for Stu (talk) 10:42, 14 May 2013 (CEST)

Direction Slavonski Brod, Belgrade and Bosnia

You have three options for these destinations.

  • First option is to get a bus on one of the main bus terminals in Zagreb. The name of that terminal is Kvatrić or Kvaternikov Trg(square), it's close to the centre of Zagreb. There you have to get on bus #216 or #276 which ride you to Ivanja Reka or the main on-ramp on the motorway. Of course ask the bus driver to leave you in Ivanja Reka. In this place you have 20 minutes of walk through some fields. But don't worry, it's a delightful walk. After you reach the ramp you can easily get rides directly to the border with Serbia, Belgrade and the border with Bosnia.
  • Second option is to get the tram #2, #3 or #13 to Savišće or Žitnjak. Get out at the last stop and then walk for about 15 minutes towards the motorway. On the motorway you'll find a bus stop and there you can easily hitchhike towards the on-ramp in Ivanja Reka or you can even stop cars who are going to Belgrade or Bosnia. Ask the locals for extra tips and explanations.

Nuclearphyllis' local experts took him to the first toll station on the Zagreb-Belgrade motorway, even though it was illegal to hitchhike from there. They weren't troubled and got a ride within 10 minutes.

  • Third option, even better than going to Ivanja Reka,is going to Dumovec with bus #276. This spot gets you closer to the tolls. So, get off in Dumovec (the last stop) which is a small car-park like thing, walk back a bit in the direction that the bus came from from maybe 50m and turn right. You will know it is the right road/path as you can see the motorway in the disatance. Follow it through the roundabout under construction till you get to the bridge over the motorway, turn right and follow toe motorway 1.5km to the toll. As of 20th April 2013 the road is under construction, presumably making a new exit/entrance for the motorway. The workers didn't seem to mind. There used to be a fence, but no longer due to the road works.
    • I hitched 3 times in direction of Belgrade, so just one tip - if the car that is giving you a ride goes to Slavonski Brod (half way before Belgrade) ask him to drop you off at EAST EXIT of the city. in Croatian - ISTOČNI IZLAZ. because, if he drops you off at west exit, 95% of cars go to direction of Zagreb, I waited there 2 hours once, and the second time 3 hours ;)

Direction Budapest, Varazdin and Cakovec

Take bus number 216 from Kvaternikov trg to the last stop in Ivanja Reka or bus 276 till 2 stations before the final station. Ask for the church in Ivanja Reka, people will know it, you should get out there. There will be a small road which leads to the on ramp, ask people for which one it is. You should walk till the traffic lights, the turn right and you already see the place. After the lights you should walk about 300 meters and you can start hitching there with a sign VZ for example. Works like a charm, someone waited there for less than 10 minutes.

Update: This place doesn't exist anymore, as the new road was built and there's no stopping lane, so cars can't stop to pick you up. Don't hitchhike here.

Update - april 2012: There is able to hitchhike there, last year I was there, but it is very hard to get out of there. You need reach petrol station and the exit from station has got long shoulder where U can safely try to cach someone.

Three problems:

1st. 90% of cars which stop are those which leave the station.

2nd. From those who stops almost everyone was local people.

3rd. It was my one of the longest stops (no less than 3 houers).

Update: The main problem with direction towards Hungary is that pay tolls are quite far away from Zagreb, so it would be easier if you first get to the pay tolls. Use the place allready described on the top of this topic (bus 216 or 176 from Kvaternikov trg) and hold a sign "ZELINA" (the closest town to the pay tolls) or "SV. HELENA" (the exact name of that pay tolls). Many drivers get off the highway just before the pay tolls, so maybe you'll have to walk few kilometers. But once you're there, you can easily get a ride straight to Budapest.

Direction Ljubljana, Austria, Novo Mesto

From town

Take tram #5 or #17 from the centre of Zagreb towards the Precko. Notice that the ride takes a lot of time, 45 minutes at least. In Precko, exit the tram and walk left. You'll see a street that turns right. Take this street and walk 5 minutes till you get to the main street Ljubljanska Avenija (also called Zagrebacka Avenija). Cross this street in front of the Konzum supermarket and turn left. You will see a small bus station, this is your spot. However most people commute from this point. Best is to hitchhike from there with a SLO sign. Don't take rides that don't take you at least to the border - There is no good places to hitchhike further down the road. From the border crossing itself it's relatively easy to get a good ride, even as far as to Austria.

On a Sunday Erga and guaka waited way to long. Not a single car stopped in two hours time, and at the gas stations everyone with space pretended not to go anywhere near Slovenia (West or North). Two Belgian guys didn't manage to get a ride in the same period, also trying in different spots in the area (guaka somehow convinced the West Gate bus driver to also pick them up). Use the West Gate option if you're simply heading to Austria, find another solution if you're heading towards Ljubljana...

After more than one hour of waiting, I went further down the road to the next bus stop (in front of FORD car dealer center) where most of the local traffic is gone and I found a ride after 15min.

Take a bus to the highway

This option takes you a bit longer to get started with (nearly an hour), it takes you directly to the highway though.

I (nixylive) was hitchhiking from town on July 2010. with a girl using SLO and Ljubljana signs. There is too much traffic. Cars mostly go to those shopping malls and it's very hard to get a ride. Maybe you can ask some drivers on a traffic light 10 meters before the bus station. As we couldn't get a ride, we were walking down the street trying to find a better spot but we couldn't. From gas station nobody was going further Slovenia. After 4 km of walking from the bus station, we sat down under overpass, it was too hot and couldn't walk anymore and a truck stopped and picked us up. If you go further Slovenia's border. There is another solution. Take a bus number 112 from "Savski most" bus station. Get of the bus at the last station. You should see highway from that place, if you don't, ask for the direction. Above highway you will see an overpass, go to the opposite side and hitchhike there at the entrance of the road.

North, direction Maribor, Graz, Vienna

From the Črnomerec and Ljubljanica bus terminal there's a free bus (red or white color) to West Gate shopping center which is adjacent to toll station [1], see also Google Maps, the toll station is very close to the shopping center, you can see it from the parking lot where the bus arrives. But you will have to cross a bit of water. Don't try this in the dark. Look for one of the areas with stones covered by metal or just walk about 300 metre in opposite direction of the shopping mall and you will find a little bridge, handy! then come back to the toll station.

If you're heading to Slovenia or further you'll have to make it to the Macelj-Kozminci border crossing, from where you can easily get rides far into Germany.

You better forget about trying the Precko option (towards Ljubljana), Erga and guaka waited for about 2 hours, asking people, with signs (Macelj, Maribor, SLO) and without sign. Fortunately the free bus to the West Gate center also goes from this above spot.

t0ma5 was hitchhiking here in January 2011 and he got a ride all the way to Vienna in about 20min.



For decent camping, take tram #6 from the central train station to Crnomerec, continue walking down Ilica a hundred metres or so, turn Right on Kustosijanca, and walk up this street for two hundred meters past an old train trestle. There is easy access to trails in the woods and decent places to camp without being disturbed.

Internet access

Club Mama, '' is an open space with a cool library of technical, cultural, and revolutionary books, wifi, and frequent talks and skillshares. Ulica Petra Preradovićeva 18, at the back of a square between buildings.

Optima Telekom centar, Savska 5 has free Internet access for advertising purposes so you can just come in say hello to people who work there and go on the Internet. They are mostly friendly and you can surf as long as you want. You can get to that location by taking tram 2, 4, or 9 from Main train station (glavni kolodvor) and make sure to get out on Vodnikova and walk few metres until you are on Savska ulica. Then go left and after 1-2 minutes you will see Optima Telekom center on your right side.

The National Library of Croatia is approximately one km south of the train station. Open until 20:00 on weekdays, 15:00 on Saturday, it provides power outlets, wifi, and access to public computers.

Public transport

Black-riding is possible and most of people in Zagreb who don't have monthly or yearly tickets do this in trams and in buses there is almost no control. Controllers are sometimes all over the town but mostly there is nobody for months. There are in groups of 2-3 wearing blue uniform just like the driver so if you see them just get out and wait another tram. Playing the "dumb tourist" will work because they don't have authority to ask you passport or your id and if you give them your passport they can't send you a bill to your home because you are not citizen of Croatia. Also they will not call police because there are city owned company and controllers have fixed paychecks so they don't give a damn too much.


Zagreb is full of students who have iksica (electronic card with which they can eat whole lunch witch soup, meat and juice for less than a euro). So if you want you can go to studentski centar (savska 25) by taking trams 2, 4 or 9 from main train station (Glavni kolodvor) to Vodnikova cross the street and go right for 5-6 minutes until you reach big open space with cafe bar and lots of people moving around. Just ask somebody on the entrance to lend you their iksica and most of people will do it. Also if you are cold and you want to you can stay in Studentski centar until 21:00 and on the first floor are some couches where you can take a nap. homeless people sometimes sleep there. You can get there from main square (Jelacic platz) taking trams 17, 14 to Studentski centar station or 12 to Technical museum station (Technical museum and Studentski centar stations are practically the same stations) and just across the street is Studentski centar.