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<map lat='51.56341232867588' lng='7.119140625' zoom='7' view='0' float='right' height='330'/> North Rhine-Westphalia (German; Nordrhein-Westfalen) is a German federal state (German; Bundesland). It is the largest (in terms of population) federal state of Germany.

Most part of North Rhine-Westphalia is covered by fields and forests. Especially in the north, south and east you'll find rural areas. In the center of the state the Ruhr Area is situated, together with other big cities like Düsseldorf or Cologne.

Hitchhiking in this state is different. In the more rural areas in the north, people tend to be more conservative (especially around Paderborn). Prepare yourself for longer waiting times sometimes. If you're around the Ruhr Area, many cars will pick you up and will go to all directions in Germany, but it's quite tricky to hitch your way through the highway chaos in the Ruhr Area. The southeast is sparsely populated, but you might find rides everywhere quite easy.

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