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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of North Rhine-Westphalia.png
North Rhine-Westphalia
Population: 46,628 (31 Dec 2007)
Licence plate: BOR
Major roads: A30, A31, A35 (Netherlands)
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Gronau is a city in the north west of North Rhine-Westphalia. It borders directly to the Netherlands and the city of Enschede.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Münster

For hitchhiking eastwards there are different on-ramps to the B54.

  • One option is the ramp in Gronau-Epe, but there's not much space to stop cars, you can just try to ask the drivers when they stop directly at the traffic light. When the cars go around the corner there is some space for a car to stop. Nevertheless platschi got a ride within 5 minutes here, but maybe that was only luck.
  • Second and better option is the on-ramp Gronau-Ost. According to some locals, this ramp is mostly used for traffic going east. Pretty much traffic here, also from the nearby industrial park. Many trucks going up here as well.

You can also hitchhike the L501 road towards Ochtrup, but there might be only short-distance traffic.

West towards Glanerbrug, Enschede

If you want to hitchhike towards the Netherlands, just get yourself to the Enscheder Strasse. This road has a broad hard shoulder where you can try hitchhiking. Towards Enschede it's 9 kilometer, so you can walk along the street and try to hitchhike. Take care, if you crossed the border, the street is becoming narrow, so stopping a car might be more difficult.