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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of North Rhine-Westphalia.png
North Rhine-Westphalia
Population: 76,438 (31 Dec 2006)
Licence plate: ST
Major roads: A30
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Rheine is a city in the north of the German Bundesland North Rhine-Westphalia.

It is located along the motorway A30. You can find three ramps here: Rheine-Nord, Rheine and Rheine-Kanalhafen.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Hörstel, Ibbenbüren, A30 (Ramp Kanalhafen)

  • If you are in the city, there are no real good spots towards the A30 ramp Kanalhafen. If you are at the central station you can walk along the Kardinal-van-Galen-Ring towards Ibbenbüren, walk over the Ems river and go right into the Osnabrücker Strasse. Here you have two choices: You can walk till the end of town where you'll find an Aral petrol station, or try to hitchhike somewhere along the way at a bus stop. There's not much space for cars to stop because many are parking next to the road and the street is quite small. It is recommended to walk around 1 km along the Osnabrücker Strasse and try it then at the Persiluhr where some space to stop cars is situated, or some meters further at the crossing with the Friedrich-Ebert-Ring. Whatever, just try to hitchhike, if you have no luck walk until the end of town, if there nobody stops it's just around 2-3 km to the ramp. A sign saying A30 might help you a lot!
  • You can also take a bus to the ramp, it's going twice a day towards Hörstel: Take line #192, it's starting at 6:36 a.m. and 1:16 p.m. at the central station in Rheine. Get out at Hafenstrasse / Kreuzung L501, and walk along the L501 for around 1 km over the bridge towards the ramp. Maybe the bus drives you to Rheine-Rodde / Am Backhaus, that's directly at the ramp. Just ask the bus driver, because he'll definitely stop there on his way back! For further information, download the time table here.

West towards Amsterdam, A30 (Ramp Rheine-Nord)

  • A better solution for going west would be the ramp Rheine-Nord. There's a bus stop directly next to the ramp. Ask at the bus station which bus is going towards Rheine Nord or direction Spelle. This ramp is only good for hitchhiking towards the Netherlands or onto the A31, but forget it for hitching eastwards. There's quite a lot of space for you to stand for direction Netherlands, even a traffic light with a button to push so you can force cars that are going onto the motorway to stop. The ramp in the other direction is bad, no hard shoulder to stand on, and fast traffic.

South-West towards Neuenkirchen (Westfalen), Ochtrup

  • If hitchhiking through the countryside (it's worth it!), and your starting point might be the train station in Rheine, use this way to get out in direction south-west: Walk down under the bridge on the left if you leave the station. You'll recognize a pub with a guitar outside and a record store on the right. Walk along this street (Bahnhofstrasse) until the next traffic lights, there turn right. Go uphill for some 300m, along a service station, until you cross with the Neuenkirchener Strasse. On the right, you'll recognize another service station, called Pludra. Here now turn left and follow the whole Neuenkirchener Strasse for some 800-900m. At some point, you'll find a JET service station. Just behind there are some big traffic lights, and 10m behind the lights you'll find a big bus bay for starting your hitchhiking trip. Good spot with much traffic that's passing by slowly. From the train station until this spot, you might walk some 10 minutes.