Stadsregio Arnhem-Nijmegen

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Stadsregio Arnhem-Nijmegen
<map lat='51.9' lng='5.93' zoom='10' view='3'/>
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Gelderland.png
Population: 773,679
Major roads: A12, A15, A18, A50, A73, A77, A325, A326, A348
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Stadsregio Arnhem-Nijmegen is the second biggest urban conurbation in the Netherlands outside of the Randstad in terms of population, and one of the most spread out, over 1000 square kilometres.

Hitchhiking out

For more information, look at the respective city pages. Hitching from Nijmegen to Arnhem is ridiculously easy, the other way is much harder.

To Germany

Best done from Nijmegen. There is much drug tourism going on in Arnhem, and as a result not many people will pick up hitchhikers. Besides that, the Nijmegen motorways are much easier to reach by public transportation. Try the A73 ramp at Brabantse Poort. From here there are lots of cars going to Weeze Airport, because that's closer to Nijmegen than any other major city.

To the south

Also best done from Nijmegen. Try the bus stop at Graafseweg/Neerbosscheweg. This is where most cars from Nijmegen pass by before deciding to go either towards A50 for Eindhoven or A73 for Venlo/Maastricht.

To the Randstad

Can be either done from Nijmegen or Arnhem. Use liftershalte near Waal Bridge in Nijmegen city centre, or take the access lane for junction 26 on the northern outskirts of Arnhem. For Rotterdam, the Nijmegen spot yields much better results.

To the north and east

Best done from Arnhem. Use above access lane at junction 26, but this time in direction Apeldoorn, or go to Knooppunt Velperbroek in east Arnhem first if starting from Nijmegen. When starting from Nijmegen, make sure to turn down every ride that isn't going to Velperbroek, (or further on A50 northbound) because otherwise you'll find yourself in the situation of having to take public transportation across Arnhem.

Cities in Stadsregio Arnhem-Nijmegen with more than 15.000 inhabitants

> 150.000: Nijmegen

100.000-150.000: Arnhem

30.000–60.000: WijchenWageningenZevenaar

15.000–30.000: VelpHuissenBeuningenGroesbeekCuijkDuivenWestervoortDierenElstOosterbeek

Map of the region

<map lat='51.869' lng='5.94' zoom='11' view='3' country='Netherlands' width='960' height='800'/>