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Flag of Netherlands
Flag Gelderland.png
Population: 58.546 (2022)
Major roads: A18
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Doetinchem is a city in The Netherlands, in the eastern Province of Gelderland.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Arnhem, East towards Varsseveld, Enschede

Option 1 Take bus 28 or 48 and get out at "McDonalds". There is a carpool parking where you can try to ask people for a ride.

Option 2 Take bus 24 to "Woonboulevard". Walk 300meter and cross the Europaweg. Now turn right to the TinQ petrol station. There is no paved sidewalk, but a grassy path along the ditch. The entrance to the petrol station is an easy place for passing drivers to pull over.

West towards Varsseveld, Enschede

500m outside the city, on the Varsseveldseweg is an old windmill, "Benninkmolen". There is a small parking bay where drivers can stop.

South towards Germany

Same as before, the petrol station on Europaweg. Alternatively, take bus 24 all the way to 's Heerenberg, and from the bus station walk 25minutes to the onramp of the A3. There also is a petrol station 500meter further up the road, but this is mainly used by Dutch drivers pumping cheaper German fuel, who don't enter the highway.

When traffic is busy drivers might not stop at the onramp because there isn't a lot of space. Therefore it might be best to take the first ride that can take you 15km further, to the onramp at Isselburg. There is a wider onramp here.

Accommodation and Sleep

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