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The A73 is a motorway in the Netherlands, which runs from Nijmegen across the length of to Echt where it merges with the A2

It passes the cities of Nijmegen, Venray, Venlo and Roermond.

Legend: Verygood.png (very good) | Good.png (good) | Average.png (average) | Bad.png (bad) | Senseless.png (senseless)

<map lat='51.5' lng='5.965' zoom='10' view='0' country='Netherlands' float="right" width='400' height='920'/>

Hitching the A73



Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Ewijk * connection to the A50
Ramp.png 1 Beuningen
Autobahn junction.png Neerbosch (for Nijmegen city centre)
Average.png (average) not much of a shoulder Ramp.png 1a Wijchen
Ramp.png 2 Nijmegen-Dukenburg Good.png (good)
Ramp.png 3 Malden
Ramp.png 4 Cuijk Average.png (average)
Ramp.png 5 Haps
Autobahn gasstation.png Petrol station Lokkant Autobahn gasstation.png Petrol station Hondsiep
Autobahn junction.png Rijkevoort * connection to the A77 towards Weeze, Düsseldorf and Cologne
Ramp.png 6 Boxmeer
Ramp.png 7 Vierlingsbeek
Ramp.png 8 Venray-Noord
Ramp.png 9 Venray
Autobahn gasstation.png Petrol station De Wuust Autobahn gasstation.png Petrol station Romeinse Put
Ramp.png 10 Horst-Noord Average.png (average)
Ramp.png 11 Horst
Ramp.png 12 Grubbenvorst
Autobahn junction.png Zaarderheiken * connection to the A67 towards Eindhoven, Antwerp and Düsseldorf
Ramp.png 13 Venlo-West
Ramp.png 14 Maasbree
Ramp.png 15 Hout-Blerick
Ramp.png 16 Venlo-Zuid
Ramp.png 17 Belfeld
Ramp.png 18 Beesel (Reuver)
Ramp.png 19 Roermond
Autobahn gasstation.png Petrol station Hoogvonderen Autobahn gasstation.png Petrol station Spik
Ramp.png 20 Roermond-Oost
Ramp.png 21 Linne
Ramp.png 22 Maasbracht
Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Het Vonderen * connection to the A2



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