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Gelderland is a province of the Netherlands. Main cities here are Arnhem, which is its capital, and Nijmegen, who form the Arnhem-Nijmegen urban area, the third-largest urban agglomeration in the Netherlands. Other large cities are Apeldoorn and Ede, and well-known smaller cities like Doetinchem, Tiel, Harderwijk and Zutphen, which are important regional centres, despite being fairly small. (as a matter of fact; all of the aformentioned cities could fit into the Arnhem-Nijmegen region, and there will still be enough population left to fit the actual cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen in) The only place that is extremely small (35.000 inhabitants) which holds national importance as an education centre, is found in the province as well, it's the college town Wageningen. This place is so left-wing it's off the scale, probably because university and research centres employ or study 75% of the town's population, plus sizable groups in neighbouring communities.

Geographically speaking, the province can be divided in four distinct areas, which are different both in culture and in surroundings; except for the Arnhem-Nijmegen region, which lies roughly in the central/south part of the province, they are clockwise: Rivierengebied, land of the rivers, Veluwe, land of the woods and heather and Achterhoek, land of farmers and castles. Tiel is by far the main city in Rivierengebied, for the Veluwe, this title goes to both Apeldoorn and Ede, and for Achterhoek it's split between Doetinchem and Zutphen.

<map lat='52.13' lng='5.97' zoom='9' view='0' country='Netherlands' width='730' height='500'/>
Cities in Gelderland with more than 30.000 inhabitants

> 150.000: Nijmegen

100.000-150.000: ArnhemApeldoorn

60.000–100.000: EdeDoetinchem

30.000–60.000: TielZutphen


There are 6 main, and numerous small motorways crossing the province. North-south motorways are A2 in the far western part, west of Tiel and the A50 cutting from north to south through the province, connecting the main cities of Gelderland to Eindhoven and Groningen / Leeuwarden.

Most important east-west routes are (north to south) the A1, A12 and A15. A1 runs by Apeldoorn, and towards Twente in the east, and Amsterdam in the west, A12 connects Germany and Den Haag, and passes in Gelderland by Arnhem and Ede, and A15 connects Nijmegen with Rotterdam, and passes by Nijmegen and Tiel. Then there is the A28 which runs southwest to northeast in the province, and connects to A1 by Hoevelaken near the Utrecht city of Amersfoort and A50 by Hattem, near the Overijssel city of Zwolle.

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