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Flag of Netherlands
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Population: 47.112
Major roads: none
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Zutphen is a city in the Netherlands.

Hitching out

North towards Deventer, A1

Take bus #81 towards Deventer (if you're lazy you can just stay in) and get off at stop Van de Cappellenlaan. Alternatively you can walk around 1,5 km in Northeastern direction following the streets Stationsplein, Nieuwstad, Dijkmeesterweg and Deventerweg.

You can hitch rides straight from the busstop.

From here is also the best spot to get to the motorway A1, and from there to Amsterdam, Hengelo or Germany.

East towards Lochem, Hengelo

From the train station, there are two options.

1) Take bus 54 and get off at Rhienderinklaan. Hitch from the bus stop along the N346 in eastern direction. Also accept offers to Vorden, they might lead a bit in the wrong direction, but you can be dropped off at the roundabout where the N314 and N319 meet. From there you can hitch in northen direction to the next roundabout. Most of the time you'll already get a ride in direction Lochem from the first mentioned roundabout.

2) Take bus 51 and get off at GG Net. Follow the road in the direction of the bus for around 1km and then turn right. Hitch from the roundabout where the N314 and N319 meet in northern direction, as also described above.

Southwest towards Dieren, Arnhem

From the train station, walk in western direction along the Stationsplein. Cross the bridge over the river IJssel and follow this road until the crossing of the Kanonsdijk and Weg naar Voorst. There's a hard shoulder right after the crossing on the Kanonsdijk.

Pay attention though because there is a roundabout where the N348 and N345 meet. If you don't have a ride past Brummen you're going to have to get out here. The spot here is not good at all however. The roundabout is quite fast and there's no shoulder.

South towards Doetinchem

West towards Apeldoorn

Follow the directions for southwest to Dieren and Arnhem, but instead hitch from the road Weg naar Voorst. There's a hard shoulder right after the crossing. Once you hit the roundabout at the small village of Gietelo, make sure to continue on the N345 towards Apeldoorn. That means you'll have to turn left instead of going straight.

If your driver goes to the on-ramp at the A1 (on-ramp 21), it might be wise to leave the car at one of the two roundabouts after Gietelo. You might be able to catch a ride going into Apeldoorn then, something that will be much harder at the fast road crossing under the highway A1.

Hitching in

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