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<map lat="47.473322298613" lng="-0.54167174100928" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of France
State: Maine-et-Loire
Population: 147.300
Licence plate: 49
Major roads: A 11 A 85 A 87
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Angers is a city in France between Brittany and Paris.

Hitching out

Northeast towards Le Mans, Paris, Tours A 11 E 60

There is a petrol station on the highway you can access with a bus.Take bus 4 direction Parc expo and leave the bus at the last stop. Just behind the roundabout on the left side of the main road, there is a petrol station you can access (it's also possible to hitch at the roundabout). There is a péage 13 km further where the highway splits. If you get a car going to Paris and you want to go to Tours, you have to walk 50 meters because it is not the same péage.

West towards Nantes

Go to the road that's besides the castle (it's big and central, you can't miss it) and before the bridge, turn left and start walking down to the four-lane road. As long as you're still on the ramp it's a safe spot and you should get a ride to Nantes pretty easily.


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