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Caen is a city of roughly 110,000 inhabitants in northern France.

Hitchhiking out

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A13 to Paris, Rouen or Amiens

The best place for hitchhiking from Caen to Paris, Rouen or Amiens is the interchange of the Boulevard Périphérique and the highway A13. It's very close to the shopping centre Mondeville 2.

To get to this place, you have to take the bus Liane 1 from the city centre or from the train station to the last stop Mondeville Centre Commercial. When you arrive there, you have to walk behind the huge cinema (UGC). There, you will find a hedge. Behind it, you find the slip road from the Boulevard Périphérique to the A13. Good luck!

A84 to Rennes (West)

Take the bus 11 or 23 in the direction of Bretteville. Get off at the bus stop Église de Bretteville and walk 1 km further in the same direction. You can hitchhike at the roundabout or just after.

South to Alençon, Le Mans

Take the Tram A to IFS Jean Vilar. Go left at roundabout down Boulevard du Stade and walk about 5 minutes to the roundabout with a little commercial estate around, Subway etc. Turn right, go over the bridge crossing the motorway, the road south is the N158 straight over the big roundabout. It's a slightly sketchy point for stopping, but there is a pull-in a bit further down the road (though traffic is much slower just at the roundabout). Simon got a lift from a truck going to Le Mans from here.

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