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<map lat='47.883197023516125' lng='1.9068145751953125' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/> Orléans is a city in the Centre of France. It may be extremely difficult to get out of if not dropped off in a decent spot for traffic heading out of the city and everywhere seems to be a continuation of a suburb or industrial complex. Jason has got stuck here for hours quite a few times. Fortunately you can easily reach the highway by streetcar

Hitchhiking out

Try to get as far out of the city center as you can, its a little comparable to Paris but not as huge.

North toward Paris

Head to the start of Rue Nationale http://bit.ly/SctEuZ. From here there is either the opportunity to hitch at the beginning of the highway or at the start of the national road to Paris. The national road seems to have more small trucks going on it to avoid the tolls of the highway, but you have to walk a bit further north (100m or so) to a driveway or something for cars to be able to pull over.

North/South/West/East towards Nevers, Montargis, Sens and E60

The only advice that can seemingly be found is on HitchBase - Take the bus number 8 (=> going to Herveline) , and get out of the bus just after it turns left (when you are really out of the city, after l'avenue des droits de l'hommme) then go back to the roundabout and go straight: it's really easy for the drivers to stop because they can park safely on the right.


Take streetcar (tramway) line 2 from the center until the end stop "Georges Pompidou". Go back to the roundabout and the highway will be on your left. Stand at the péage (very easy, no need to jump or climb anything) that goes to the A10 where you can easily get a ride towards Bordeaux. It's also a very good way to go further south towards Spain, west (Tours) and North (Paris or Montargis).

Went to Paris from here, most people are going to the A71 (towards Toulouse) or to the A10 but headed for Tours. I waited an hour and had to refuse a grand total of 7 cars that were headed south/west. -dws49, April 2021

Sleep and fun

A river runs through Orleans. It is possible to sleep along the river as long as you find a good spot with not too many people walking by. The downtown section near the river is the place to go for some fun on a weekend. People are great and open, as they've probably been drinking. Share a drink and listen to some good music with the locals.

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

Check Nomadwiki for info on accommodation, showers etc. or Trashwiki for dumpsters...and share your wisdom :)