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<map lat='48' lng='2.75' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Montargis is a city in the Centre of France. It's really not the most beautiful of cities and less time spent there the better. Auxerre to the east and the many small towns by the Loire river are much more scenic and hospitable.

Hitchhiking out

Theres really no way, if heading north, to avoid Paris as there are seemingly no good entrances to enter the national road heading north east. And if heading north past Paris you should really avoid Paris altogether, so perhaps try for Auxerre onwards which is further east. If possible, and heading north towards Paris, you should perhaps try and find an entrance to the motorway before this city.

North towards Paris

Ask your ride to drop you off at the entrance to the motorway to Paris. From there, you should easily be able to get a ride.

Public Transport

Places to Visit

Places to Avoid

The national road North East. Jason walked this road for an hour searching for a decent place for the cars to stop, there was nowhere to be found and luckily his huge plastic white sign above his head brought him a ride, 3 hours closer to Luxembourg.

Accommodation and Sleep

Other Useful Info