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<map lat='45.18252082160239' lng='5.720787048339844' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Grenoble is a city in France of more than 500 000 people living in the metropolitan area. It is like in the rest of the "région" a good area to hitchhike.

Hitchhiking out

Direction: Torino, Geneve, Chambery and Annecy (North, East) A41, A43

Their are two different techniques to go this direction.

  • First option: the spot is a kind of a roundabout, next to some traffic lights, right at the beginning of the A41, including traffic lights to ask. From the city center (bus stop 'Victor Hugo' or 'Chavant'), you can reach the place with the bus C1 direction 'MEYLAN Maupertuis' and stop at 'La Carronnerie Basse'. The ticket costs 1,5€ in a machine (at any tram stop) or 2€ on board.

Just before the stop, the bus leaves the highway so you have to walk back for some meters. There is not really any space to stop after the roundabout/traffic lights, sou you'll have to ask people during the red light phase or wait with your thumb up. A very good option is to have a board written "PEAGE" (means 'toll') on it, which is 30km further. A lot of cars go there and from the péage you will have no problem to continue on to Chambéry, Annecy, Genève, Torino, etc. Apparently, during the rush hours it is a really god spot!

Free/blackriding option: walking to the spot from the city center should take you half an hour or more on a not very nice highway-side, or you could stand at the traffic lights on the beginning of the D1090, next to the big stadium (called the 'Stade des Alpes' in the Parc Paul Mistral). You can as well blackride the tram B direction 'GIERES Plaines des Sports', stop at 'Grands Sablons'. Follow in the same direction the tram lines until you cross the bridge (your destination is on the left side of the bridge) and from there reach the petrol station. Then walk alongside the highway until the first red lights.

  • Second solution: the gas station Total "les Sablons" on the D1090/Avenue de Verdun is about a kilometer before the first option. Follow the 'free/blackriding option' instructions to get there, but you can pay the tram if you wish ;). A lot of people are not going very far but you can always get dropped at least to the next petrol station on the A41, before Brignoud, which is a really good spot to go further.

At night, there are not so many cars passing trough the "les Sablons" gaz station.

Direction: Valence, Lyon, Marseille (North, West, South) A48, A49, A43, A7

You have to get to the spot that's indicated in the map at the so called 'Porte de France'. From train station you'll have to take Avenue Félix Viallet (the street left of the one with the tram lines) till Cours Jean Jaurès with the tram lines E. Head left to the bridge (Pont de la porte de France), and once crossed you will see the entry of the highway. From the city center you have to reach the A/B/E tram stop 'Alsace-Lorraine' and then take right to reach the same bridge mentioned before. You can either put yourself right next to the traffic lights asking people or simply waiting. Or you can walk 100m further; cross the tram lines and right after cars don't drive fast and have room to stop.

Both are really good, but anyway a sure bet is to put a "PEAGE" sign (meaning 'toll') which is only 10-15km further. Once there you can wait at the péage or there is even an petrol station just before, where you will get a lift towards Lyon/Valence for sure. Some cars might get out at the exit just before they have to pay but they will drop you at a roundabound ("rond-point") and from there you can take left and enter the petrol station area or a small road on the right for the péage.

Update 2024: the petrol station works really well If you’re going further (like Paris etc.), you should get out the second petrol station before Lyon. It’s much bigger than the last. We’ve already made this mistake!

The split between the road to Lyon or Valence is just a bit after the péage so it can be good to make a board to indicate people where you are heading.

Direction: Le Trièves, Gap, Sisteron, Marseille (South) A51, D1075

This direction brings you to the southern areas of Grenoble or to Marseille to the 'nationale' road. Longer than highway, but nicer landscapes.

  • The easiest way to get out of the city is to take bus number 17 direction 'LE GUA Les Saillants' and to stop at 'La cime du bourg'. You can take this bus from the bus stop in the city center 'Victor Hugo'. It's about 20 kms from the city-center but it cost as much as all the other city buses, 1,5€ in a machine (at any tram stop) or 2€ on board. From the bus-stop, walk back 50 meters to the roundabout. It's the perfect place to hitch-hike (see the spot on the map). It usually work pretty well in that place so don't go with the first car if it's going only to the next village. Avoid the highway as this one is really expensive so people don't take it.
  • The free way. It is not as easy but you can avoid paying the bus by walking or blackriding the tram.

You can walk from the city center to the 'Pont de Catane' or take/blackride the tram C direction 'SEYSSINS le Prisme' and stop at 'Vallier Catane'. Continue walking in the same direction on the right side and just at the beginning of the bridge, there is a on ramp lane with red lights. From there cars can go both directions 'Lyon/Valence' or the one you want so it is a good idea to make a sign or ask directly.

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