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Searching for a way through the field in France

I have hitchhiked since missing my school bus one day in September of '07. Since, though not having crossed so many countries (I've only hitched in England, Wales, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Andorra) I feel like I've committed big parts of my life to hitchhiking and the transformative energy that it carries with it.

I specialise in hitchhiking on the M4 in England, hitchhiking in Norfolk/Suffolk/fenland, and hitchhiking on the Isle of Wight. In early 2017 I started a blog called "" about my daily hitch from work in Ryde, Isle of Wight, back home in Brading, which was about a 5 minute journey but always best shared with a kindly driver.

I took a few years out from hitchhiking, mainly because I thought that I needed to in order to grow in a different direction as a person (for a while I felt the need to have more space), but I feel very happy now to be back by the side of the road.