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Le Havre is a city in France.

Hitchhiking out

North/East towards Amiens and Lille

From Le Havre main train station, take a train TER to Etainhus – Saint-Romain (11 minutes - a ticket costs about 4 €). This small train station is close to the barrières de péage de Epretot on the Autoroute A29.

From the train station Etainhus – Saint-Romain, walk about 30 minutes (less than 3 km) to the barrière de péage (map). Notice that the way is not that easy since it is not allowed to walk along the highway. If you want to go to hitchhike from the barrière de péage on the A29, you have to walk near the office of the police.

User tawax hitchhiked from the barrière de péage on March 2020 (at the place you can get a ticket) and was kindly asked to hitchhike from the parking place 150m behind the barrière de péage. This parking place is quite nice because it is possible to stop along the highway. User taxax got a ride after about 30 minutes.

Hitchhiking in

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

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