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( documentswhy we work on Hitchwiki )

Hitchwiki has 15 languages so far:

Language Local name Useful? Started Articles Admins
English English Yes Nov 2006 3,832 Guaka, MrTweek, Platschi, Quarim, Robino, Zac Stewart, Mikael
German Deutsch Yes Sep 2007 <article_count lang="de" /> MrTweek, Platschi, Quarim
Spanish Español Yes Sep 2007 <article_count lang="es" /> San
French Français Yes Sep 2007 <article_count lang="fr" /> Guaka, Zac Stewart
Russian Русский Yes Mar 2008 <article_count lang="ru" /> Platschi, Siberian explorer, Index, Lnx
Turkish Türkçe Yes Nov 2009 <article_count lang="tr" /> Strider1977
Polish Polski Yes Jul 2009 <article_count lang="pl" /> Strzkrzysiek, Paluch
Finnish Suomi Yes Jun 2008 <article_count lang="fi" /> Mikael
Chinese 中文 Yes Jul 2009 <article_count lang="zh" /> Mipplor, Faraway
Portuguese Português No Jul 2008 <article_count lang="pt" /> Ataqlibert
Bulgarian Български No Jan 2009 <article_count lang="bg" /> Platschi
Hebrew עברית No Nov 2010 <article_count lang="he" /> Mateo, Dizinteria
Dutch Nederlands No Mar 2010 <article_count lang="nl" /> Guaka
Romanian Română No Aug 2010 <article_count lang="ro" /> Index
Serbo-Croatian Srpskohrvatski No Nov 2010 <article_count lang="hr" /> Vrana
Lithuanian Lietuvių No May 2013 <article_count lang="lt" /> Mikael, Tuchkus, Vladas

When does a wiki become useful?

For now, we consented that a wiki is considered useful as soon as it has more than 40 articles, include an article about one country where the language is spoken and articles about some major cities.

All languages that don't meet these criteria will be listed under the "baby wikis" section on the Start Page. They are either very new or not active. If you speak the language and want to make it useful, just start working on it right now ;) Ask us for admin rights, we'll be happy to give them to anyone who can help.

Translations of own projects

We are managing translations of our own projects (such as maps) with GlotPress. If you want to help, contact us maps (ät) hitchwiki.org or Talk Page), so we can give you an account. It's not limited to languages listed there, we are happy to add as many as possible. If your language is already there, you can still help. It's always helpful to work with 3-5 people on a language or have someone for proof-reading. Native English speakers are also welcome to proof-read a bit, as none of us speaks English native.

Translation tool: hitchwiki.org/translate/

See also project:Requests for translations.