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The A45 is a motorway in Germany, connecting Dortmund in the west with Aschaffenburg in the southwest. It is colloquially known by its byname Sauerlandlinie, which derives from the Sauerland, the landscape which said autobahn is running through between the cities of Hagen and Siegen. Many people think of it as the Queen of autobahns, for it's beautiful landscape and for the fact that no autobahn runs over a greater number of bridges. The A45 is a part of the E41.

It's the main connection for traffic coming from the North (A1) towards Frankfurt, though people could also consider traveling the A3, which most likely will end in traffic jams around Cologne.

Best place to get onto the A45 from the A1 is to get a car at service station Lichtendorf, see article A1.

Hitching the A45

Legend: Verygood.png (very good) | Good.png (good) | Average.png (average) | Bad.png (bad) | Senseless.png (senseless)



(2) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Dortmund-Nordwest * connection to the A2 -> Hannover, Gladbeck
(3) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Castrop-Rauxel-Ost * connection to the A42
(4) Autobahn junction.png Dortmund-Hafen, K19
(5) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Dortmund-West * connection to the A40, B1
(6) Ramp.png Dortmund-Eichinghofen
(7) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Dortmund-Witten * connection to the A44
(8) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Dortmund-Süd, B54
(9) Autobahn junction.png Westhofener Kreuz * connection to the A1
(10) Ramp.png Schwerte-Ergste
(11) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Hagen, A46
(12) Ramp.png Hagen-Süd
(13) Ramp.png Lüdenscheid-Nord
(14) Ramp.png Lüdenscheid-Mitte
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Sauerland West Good.png (good) Great service station, but sometimes traffic is a bit low. Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Sauerland Ost Good.png (good) Great service station, but sometimes traffic is a bit low.
(15) Ramp.png Lüdenscheid-Süd
(16) Ramp.png Meinerzhagen
(17) Ramp.png Drolshagen
(18) Ramp.png Olpe Good.png (good)

A lot of traffic going north, as well as the best hard shoulder for hitchhiking ever seen*, though it goes uphill a bit. Cars mostly to Lüdenscheid, so make sure getting off at the service station Sauerland between ramps Lüdenscheid-Süd and -Mitte. (*=at least in the perception of Platschi)

(19) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Olpe-Süd * connection to the A4
(20) Ramp.png Freudenberg
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Siegerland West Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Siegerland Ost Good.png (good)
(21) Ramp.png Siegen
(22) Ramp.png Siegen-Eisern
(23) Ramp.png Wilnsdorf
(24) Ramp.png Haiger/Burbach
(25) Ramp.png Dillenburg
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Dollenberg Good.png (good)
(26) Ramp.png Herborn-West
(27) Ramp.png Herborn-Süd
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Katzenfurt
(28) Ramp.png Ehringhausen
(29) Autobahn junction.png Wetzlarer Kreuz * connection to the A480
(30) Ramp.png Wetzlar-Ost
(31) Ramp.png Wetzlar-Süd
(32) Ramp.png Gießen-Lützellinden
(33) Autobahn junction.png Gießener Südkreuz * connection to the A485
(35) Autobahn junction.png Gambacher Kreuz * connection to the A5
(36) Ramp.png Münzenberg
(37) Ramp.png Wölfersheim
(38) Ramp.png Florstadt
(39) Ramp.png Altenstadt
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Langen-Bergheim West Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Langen-Bergheim Ost
(40) Ramp.png Hammersbach
(41) Ramp.png Langenselbold-West
(42) Autobahn junction.png Langenselbolder Dreieck * connection to the A66
(43) Autobahn junction.png Hanauer Kreuz * connection to the A66
(44a) Ramp.png Alzenau-Nord
(44b) Ramp.png Alzenau-Mitte
(45a) Ramp.png Karlstein
(45b) Ramp.png Kleinostheim
(46) Ramp.png Mainhausen
(47) Autobahn junction.png Seligenstädter Dreieck * connection to the A3/E41 -> Köln, Würzburg



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