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Germany's Autobahn-Network

Autobahn is the German word for motorway. When hitching long distances in or though Germany, always stick to the Autobahn. There is no general speed limit which can make hitchhiking very fast. Driving 150–200 km/h is pretty usual, but with a little luck, you can get lifts going far more than 200 km/h. Look out for business men with fast cars.

Numbering Scheme

  • The Autobahns A1 – A9 are crossing the whole country.
  • A10 – A99 are regional motorways, the lower numbers in the north, higher numbers in the south.
  • Higher than A100 are short motorways, usually connecting motorways to cities or to other motorways.
  • Motorways with even numbers go in East-West-Direction, odd numbers go from North to South.
German highways

Major highways: A1A2A3A4A5A6A7A8A9

Minor highways: A10A11A12A13A14A15A17A19A20A21A23A24A25A26A27A28A29A30A31A33A37A38A39A40A42A43A44A45A46A48A49A52A57A59A60A61A62A63A64A65A66A67A70A71A72A73A81A92A93A94A95A96A98A99

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