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<map lat="53.551976713932" lng="12.536819815615" zoom="8" view="3" float="right" width="800" height="500" />

The A20 is a motorway in Germany, it leads from Bad Segeberg to Prenzlau.

Right now until end of summer 2018 the A20 is closed between Bad Sülze and Tribsees. In this time all cars are going via the village of Langsdorf. so temporary the village a good spot for hitch hiking and cars are slow (50km/h). you can hitch rides there for every place along the A20 or even to Hamburg.

Legend: Verygood.png (very good) | Good.png (good) | Average.png (average) | Bad.png (bad) | Senseless.png (senseless)



(-) Ramp.png Bad Segeberg-Ost
(-) Ramp.png Geschendorf
(-) Ramp.png Mönkhagen
(1) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Lübeck * connection to the A1
(2a) Ramp.png Lübeck-Genin
(2b) Ramp.png Lübeck-Süd
(3) Ramp.png Groß Sarau
(4) Ramp.png Lüdersdorf
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Raststätte Schönberger Land Süd Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Raststätte Schönberger Land Nord
(5) Ramp.png Schönberg
(6) Ramp.png Grevesmühlen
(7) Ramp.png Bobitz
(8) Ramp.png Wismar-Mitte
(9) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Wismar * connection to the A14
(10) Ramp.png Zurow
(11) Ramp.png Neukloster
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Raststätte Fuchsberg Süd Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png Raststätte Fuchsberg Nord
(12) Ramp.png Kröpelin
(13) Ramp.png Bad Doberan
(14) Ramp.png Rostock-West
(15) Ramp.png Rostock-Südstadt
(16) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Rostock * connection to the A19
(17) Ramp.png Dummerstorf
(18) Ramp.png Sanitz
(19) Ramp.png Tessin
(20) Ramp.png Bad Sülze
(21) Ramp.png Tribsees
(22) Ramp.png Grimmen-West
(23) Ramp.png Grimmen-Ost
(24) Ramp.png Stralsund
(25) Ramp.png Greifswald
(27) Ramp.png Gützkow
(28) Ramp.png Jarmen
(29) Ramp.png Anklam
(30) Ramp.png Altentreptow
(31) Ramp.png Neubrandenburg-Nord
(32) Ramp.png Neubrandenburg-Ost
(33) Ramp.png Friedland
(34) Ramp.png Strasburg
(35) Ramp.png Pasewalk-Nord
(36) Ramp.png Pasewalk-Süd
(37) Ramp.png Prenzlau-Ost
(38) Ramp.png Prenzlau-Süd
(39) Autobahn junction.png Kreuz Uckermark * connection to the A11



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