Bad Segeberg

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Bad Segeberg
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Schleswig-Holstein.png
Population: 17.641 (2020)
Licence plate: SE
Major roads: A 20, A 21
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Bad Segeberg is a city in Germany.

Hitchhiking out

North/Northwest towards Neumünster, Kiel, Plön, A 21

When you leave the city walking on Bramstedter Landstraße towards the north west, you can find the bus stop "Am Wasserwerk", which has a little shoulder for cars and busses to stop. A sign might be necessary here.

West towards Bad Bramstedt, Itzehoe, A 20

You can walk along the B206 / Bramstedter Landstraße on the left side westwards until you find a bus stop with a shoulder for cars to stop.

South towards Hamburg, Norderstedt, A 21

There is a parking at the end of the Hamburger Str. towards the south. Most people driving this direction will be leaving towards Hamburg, either going via the A 21 or through Norderstedt.

East towards Lübeck

East of the train station there is a little used entrance to the parking lot of the train service, where you can try to stop cars.

Hitchhiking in

When catching a ride on the A21, you can ask your driver to drop you off at the exit 21 "Bad Segeberg-Nord". You'll need to jump out quickly, but they can continue straight back onto the highway.

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