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The A66 is a motorway in Germany, it connects Wiesbaden, Frankfurt am Main and Fulda. The A66 is interrupted in Frankfurt and before Fulda.

Coming from Rüdesheim am Rhein on the B42 the last possible stop is opposite the Marktstraße at Erbach.

Hitching the A66

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Pfeil unten.svg

Pfeil oben.svg

(-) 16px Erbach
(-) 16px Eltville
(-) 16px Eltville-Martinsthal
(-) 16px Walluf
(2) AB-AS-blau.svg Wiesbaden-Frauenstein
(3) Autobahn junction.png Schiersteiner Kreuz * connection to the A643
(4) AB-AS-blau.svg Wiesbaden-Biebrich
(5) AB-AS-blau.svg Wiesbaden-Mainzer Straße
(6) AB-AS-blau.svg Wiesbaden-Erbenheim
Autobahn gasstation.png service station Wiesbaden-Erbenheim Süd Autobahn gasstation.png service station Wiesbaden-Erbenheim Nord
(7) AB-AS-blau.svg Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt
(8) AB-AS-blau.svg Wallau
(9) Autobahn junction.png Wiesbadener Kreuz * connection to the A3
(10) AB-AS-blau.svg Diedenbergen
(11) AB-AS-blau.svg Hofheim am Taunus
Autobahn gasstation.png service station Weilbach Süd Autobahn gasstation.png service station Weilbach Nord
(12) AB-AS-blau.svg Hattersheim-West
(13) AB-AS-blau.svg Krifteler Dreieck
(14) AB-AS-blau.svg Frankfurt-Zeilsheim
(15) AB-AS-blau.svg Kelkheim
(16) AB-AS-blau.svg Frankfurt-Höchst
Autobahn gasstation.png service station Frankfurt am Main Süd Autobahn gasstation.png service station Frankfurt am Main Nord
(17) AB-AS-blau.svg Eschborn
(18) Autobahn junction.png Eschborner Dreieck * connection to the A648
(-) AB-AS-blau.svg Eschborn-Ost
(19) Autobahn junction.png Nordwestkreuz Frankfurt * connection to the A5
(20) AB-AS-blau.svg Frankfurt-Ludwig-Landmann-Straße
(21) AB-AS-blau.svg Frankfurt-Miquelallee
the connection between (21) and (32) is made with citystreets
(32) AB-AS-blau.svg Frankfurt-Bergen-Enkheim
(33) AB-AS-blau.svg Maintal-Bischofsheim
(34) AB-AS-blau.svg Maintal-Dörnigheim
(35) AB-AS-blau.svg Hanau-West
(36) AB-AS-blau.svg Hanau-Nord
(37) AB-AS-blau.svg Erlensee
(38) Autobahn junction.png Hanauer Kreuz * connection to the A45
(39) Autobahn junction.png Langenselbolder Dreieck * connection to the A45
(40) AB-AS-blau.svg Langenselbold
(41) AB-AS-blau.svg Rothenbergen
(42) AB-AS-blau.svg Lieblos
(43) AB-AS-blau.svg Gelnhausen-West
(44) AB-AS-blau.svg Gelnhausen-Ost
(45) AB-AS-blau.svg Bad Orb/Wächtersbach
(46) AB-AS-blau.svg Bad Soden-Salmünster
(47) AB-AS-blau.svg Steinau an der Straße
(48) AB-AS-blau.svg Schlüchtern-Süd
(49) AB-AS-blau.svg Schlüchtern-Nord
Autobahn gasstation.png service station Distelrasen
(50) AB-AS-blau.svg Flieden
(51) AB-AS-blau.svg Neuhof-Süd
the connection between (51) and (53) is made with the B40
(53) AB-AS-blau.svg Fulda-Süd
(54) AB-AS-blau.svg Eichenzell
(55) Autobahn junction.png Dreieck Fulda * connection to the A7

Pfeil unten.svg

Pfeil oben.svg

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