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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Hesse.png
Population: 64,000
Licence plate: FD
Major roads: A7, A66
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Fulda is a city in Hesse, Germany.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Kassel, Hamburg, Denmark Bundesautobahn 7 number.svg

There is a perfect spot at the ramp Fulda-Nord. Cars can easily stop and in case of rain you can even stand under a bridge, waiting for a ride. The next Raststätte "Großenmoor Ost" comes after about 15km, in case people can only give you a short ride.

There are different ways to get there:

  • Walk: it's about 5km from the train station. Follow the "Leipziger Straße", which is a big road next to the university towards north (Lehnerz). About 1km after the university turn right on the "Steinauer Straße". You'll arrive at a village called "Götzenhof" after another 1km. Turn the 3rd street left "Ostlandstrasse" follow till the end then turn left onto "Herderweg".
  • Hitchhike: You can get a ride to the ramp from a spot near the university. Follow the "Leipziger Straße" towards north (Lehnerz). After the bridge there is a ramp to the right. Most people won't head for the Autobahn but can give you a ride to the ramp.
  • Bus: Bus nr.6, Stop "Petersberg-Götzenhof"

South towards Würzburg, Ulm, Austria Bundesautobahn 7 number.svg

In case you don't mind paying eur 3.90 for a bus-ticket, or you have a Semesterticket(free transportation for students): Take Bus 42 from ZOB (near train station) to station "Kalbach-Uttrichshausen Abzweig Döllbach" which brings you - in about 40min - almost directly to the Raststätte "Uttrichshausen", directly at the A7 direction south.

Another option is to hitchhike from the ramp Fulda-Mitte. It's not that busy and be prepared to wait for some time. Next bus-stop: "Petersberg-Künzell Lanneshof" Bus 23, 24 (eur 2). Walking distance form the train station: 3,5km.

West towards Hanau, Frankfurt am Main Bundesautobahn 66 number.svg

A good spot to stop cars toward Frankfurt is at the end of "Frankfurter Strasse". You can either stand at the end of that road at the city boarder or continue for about 100m towards a roundabout with a ramp towards Frankfurt. Walking distance from trainstation ~4km. Next bus-stop: "Fulda-Kohlhaus Ortesweg" Bus 6.

North/South/West/East towards Other City

Hitching In

Both exits "Fulda Nord" and "Fulda Mitte" are quite close to the city center.

Fulda Nord: It's a bit tricky to walk from here. Go to the "Autohof" which is next to the ramp towards south/Würzburg. From there you can try to get a ride to the city (worked fine, even at night) or walk (Michelsrombacher Straße). Be aware that for the first 2-300meters there is no sidewalk.

Fulda Mitte: There is a McCafe (open 7.00-24.00) next to the exit. Here you can find a further ride and free wifi. To the city center just follow the main road (Dipperzerstraße) - as well without a sidewalk for the first meters.

Alternatively see "Hitchhiking Out".

Accommodation and Sleep

There are quite many people offering accommodation via couchsurfing (most of them students) and at least one via bewelcome.org. Wildcamping should work in the forests nearby(next to the highway).

Other Useful Info