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<map lat="49.97389000000006" lng="9.149169999999812" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Germany
State: Bavaria
Population: 68,800
Licence plate: AB
Major roads: A 3
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Aschaffenburg is a city in northwest Bavaria, Germany.

Hitching out

West/North/Northeast towards Frankfurt, A3

To hitch out of Aschaffenburg on the A3 direction West, you can go to 'Hanauer Straße', which turns into the B8 (dual carriageway) which leads to the motorwy A3. From the train and bus station, it is a twenty minute walk to the spot: The station in the back, facing south, turn to the right and walk along 'Ludwigstraße', straight along 'Maximilianstraße'. This street ends in the 'Hanauerstraße', where you turn right and follow 'Hanauer Straße'. Where this road goes over a bridge crossing another road, you take the way with the traffic lights underneath where foot passengers are allowed, and meet the street on the other side. A little bit further you see a gas station on the right and a bus stop a bit further, where cars can stop. We had a sign saying "A3", and got a lift after less than five minutes from someone going to Hanau, who left us on a service station on the A3 'Weiskirchen', perfect for going to Frankfurt or further West direction Luxembourg or North e.g. to Cologne, as we did. There are probably busses going close to the spot we took.