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Rookie hitchhiker from Denmark. I've done a trip from Copenhagen to Berlin, and another one from Prague to Italy. I am looking forward to more adventures in the future.

Hitchhiking Trips


  • First ever ride was with a really nice lady who pick up hitchhikers on the regular.
  • Longest ride was about 500 km from Vienna to Trieste with a very nice Austrian family.
  • Fastest ride was somewhere north of 220 km/h with a polish private chauffeur and part time mma fighter.
  • So far I've collected about 20€ from strangers on the road.
  • Been offered housing several places in Austria.
  • Easiest ride was in Brno. A very nice czech man with a super sweet dog drove up to us as we were finishing our lunch and said he would take us to Bratislava. He even showed us around the city before dropping us off.
  • Walked from Bratislava and much of the way to Vienna with two British lads who were on a skateboarding trip all the way from Budapest.