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<map lat='54.67196945494016' lng='11.372909545898438' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Rødby is a city in Denmark, located on the Lolland island.

There is a ferry connection to Puttgarden in Germany. Take care when you want to hitchhike from Denmark onto the ferry: Tell your drivers you need to go Rødbyhavn, not the city of Rødby itself. Another ferry connection to Germany is from Gedser to Rostock.)

Hitchhiking out

North towards Copenhagen, Denmark

It might be obvious that you're coming to Denmark with the ferry from Puttgarden. The best is to find a ride on the ferry which is going further than Rødby. Talking to people on the ferry is no problem at all, just watch out for people that are sitting alone in the restaurant or around the boat.

If you are left just after the ferry, there is a gas station but not a lot of people stop there. A good possibility is to stand just before the gas station: most of the cars out of the ferry can see you and they can stop at the gas station to pick you up.

South towards Hamburg, Germany

Try to find a car at the ticket station or behind. If you ask a truck driver to bring you onto the ferry, he'll pay for his truck and you don't have to pay, because they are allowed to take with them more than 2 people (for normal cars it's 9 people!). Then behind the ticket area, cars are waiting for the ferry to come. Walk around there and ask the people. If you're not sure if you can walk by foot behind the ticket area without paying, try this: Walk back some 500 meter until the last on-ramp or try to climb up the bridge somewhat before. When on the bridge, walk left (westwards) until the first little crossing, there continue to the left again. After some meters you'll find yourself on the truck parking where you can ask truck drivers just before they buy their ticket. If not sure, just walk along the trucks, if no truck is stopping, you can continue walking to the ferry and ask waiting cars.

The ferry passage for foot passengers was free after 9PM a few years ago but now you have to pay 80 Danish krones at all times if you want to go on foot. Foot passenger terminal is at the railway station.

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