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<map lat='52.322120732700576' lng='7.236900329589844' zoom='12' view='3'/>
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Lower Saxony.png
Lower Saxony
Population: 11,584
Licence plate: NOH
Major roads: A30, A31
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Schüttorf is a small city in the outer South West of the German federal state Lower Saxony.

It's has a quite nice city center and it's nearby Bad Bentheim, where you can find the Burg Bentheim (castle). The city is located at the highways A30 and A31, which could be a good spot for hitching all directions into Germany and the Netherlands.

The city is also popular for the Index discotheque.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Bad Bentheim

From the train station, walk west for around 500 meter. Then you're already at the end of the city. Try to wave your thumb there. If you are too lazy to walk to the end of town, you can also give it a try directly at the train station. Walk down the 20m to the road, there you find a big bus bay where you can try to hitch a ride. Some traffic might go only some meters, so best is to make a sign saying Bad Bentheim.

West towards Oldenzaal, Hengelo or Amsterdam

Go towards the K&K parking lot by the Nordhorner Straße and stand beyond there with your sign. Most traffic headed on the A30 west from Schüttorf will actually use the Bad Bentheim ramp (3) and not the Schüttorf one (4). If someone is not going to Oldenzaal or further, they could at least drop you off at the ramp there.

Walking Out

West towards Bad Bentheim

Hitching from here to Bad Bentheim might be faster, but still, it's only 4 kilometres which can be walked in 45 minutes from Annaheim to Bentheimer Hof. Hitching Schüttorf to Bad Bentheim should only be considered when you're short in time or when the weather is nasty, or if you're a local and are well familiar with what the area has to offer the eye. If you're passing through, and have enough time, you should really consider spending an hour or two here. From Schüttorf railway station, go to Annaheim (old sanatorium, now used as a care home) and enter the forest there. Just follow the path, go straight ahead and it'll lead you right into the kurort. walk around here, and take the surfaced path right. Also, it's possible to take a left after "Am Waldbauern" (just over halfway from Annaheim) and cross the railway track and road. In front of is the Bentheimer Berg, made completely out of Bentheimer Sandstone, which has been used to construct most important buildings in the region, including almost all really important buildings in the Netherlands. Take a walk along the crags; if you're travelling west to Amsterdam it'll be the last of this you'll see. If you're in a car somewhere getting into Bad Bentheim, you can always ask your driver to drop you off near "Freilichtbühne" and walk around a bit there.

East towards Salzbergen

Try thumbing a car down. All is industry and farmland.


Two Algerians, who gave Platschi a ride in November 2008, opened a new pizza restaurant the same day in Schüttorf. It's called Annaba, named after the 4th largest city in Algeria. Give them a visit if you might travel through this town once in a lifetime.