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<map lat='52.3296' lng='7.34178' zoom='13' view='3' height='350'/>
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Lower Saxony.png
Lower Saxony
Population: 7,539
Licence plate: EL
Major roads: A30
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Salzbergen is a village in the southwest of Lower Saxony along the A30.

There's not much to do, but somewhere near the village you can find the oldest (active) oil refinery in the world. (

Hitchhiking out

West: Netherlands, East: Rheine, North: Lingen, Emsbüren, South: Ruhr Area

If traveling via the A30, you have to get out of the village in direction north first. It's some 2 km towards the motorway ramp. At the end of town, try to catch a ride there, or someone who's going directly towards Emsbüren, as most traffic does here.

Now you have two options:

  • The ramp eastwards (Osnabrück): If there's traffic going up on the motorway, this is your spot. Waiting time might differ from 30 minutes to one hour. There's also a carpooling parking just in front of you, maybe you're lucky and someone from there might give you a ride, especially in the early morning.
  • The ramp westwards (A31 (Germany)|A31]], Amsterdam: This spot is horrible. It's possible that you wait for an hour, and only 4-5 cars passed by. They also could go in three different directions (last ramp before motorway junction), so your chance of getting picked up by someone going your direction here is quite low. But maybe you're lucky.

West towards Schüttorf, A31

If going west via the countryside, you can try out the spot behind the traffic lights at crossing Schüttdorfer Strasse/Ahlder Damm. See the map for this spot. Enough space for cars to stop, good overview, slow traffic. Approved by Platschi on Oct 6, 2008.