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North Carolina is a state of the United States of America. <map lat='35.3' lng='-80' view='0' zoom='6' width='450' height='200' float='central'/>

Notable Cities


Keeping the Roadway Clear Pedestrians cannot impede the regular flow of traffic by willfully standing, sitting, or lying on the roadway. [§20-174.1] Pedestrians are not permitted to be in the roadway, shoulder, or median of a highway to solicit business or loiter. Pedestrians can hitchhike (solicit rides) from the highway shoulder, but they cannot be on the roadway. [§20-175] However, hitchhiking or soliciting rides is forbidden on interstate or fully controlled-access highways, except in the case of an emergency. [GO-10 of the General Ordinances of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Chapter 2 of the NCDOT Maintenance Manual]

Federal Districts

Note:All land owned by the National Park service prohibits hitchhiking under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 section 4.31: Hitchhiking or soliciting transportation is prohibited except in designated areas and under conditions established by the superintendent.

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park

4.31 has not been amended here, so hitchhiking is prohibited.

  • Blue Ridge Parkway

4.31 has not been amended here, so hitchhiking is prohibited.


One hitchhiker, Eripson, found the state to be very good for hitching when he visited the city of Asheville in December 2010. Even with the snow he managed to find a long distance ride into Tennessee. However, one busker that he met along the way recounted his experience of waiting eight hours and eventually giving up when he tried to hitch out of Charlotte. This, however, had been the busker's first time hitchhiking and it's likely that he knew not some of the appropriate techniques for soliciting rides.

Hitchhiking was slightly above average. I encountered a good bit of poverty in many areas and several creepy experiences with perverted men and women. North Carolina was also the only state where someone pulled over only to refuse to give me a ride if I didn't front gas money. One of few states with mountains and nice beaches. Thewindandrain (talk) 00:08, 2 June 2013 (CEST)

On 19 June 2014 while in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park a ranger told longstride, in certain terms, that hitching is legal within the park.

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