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Eripson is a hitchhiker from Kentucky currently hitchhiking around the USA.


In February 2009, Eripson sold his car in order to finance a brief trip to Europe and his third trip to Chile. Still, he had not considered hitchhiking at this point.

Eripson had his first hitchhiking experience in March 2009 when he received an Israeli hitchhiker in his home in Temuco, Chile. After a weekend of heavy partying at a friend's cabin near the resort town of Pucon, the two decided Eripson should have his first hitchhiking experience. From then on Eripson was forever indebted to his Israeli comrade for introducing him to the hitchhiker's world.

In August 2009, Eripson embarked upon his first true hitchhiking adventure with a Swiss hitchhiker he met in Temuco. The two explored the northern regions of Chile for nearly one month.

Upon returning home to Kentucky in November 2009, Eripson was without a car, but welcomed the idea of hitching in his home country. While working at a Wal Mart supermarket in Lexington, he would often hitchhike on his free days, traveling to places like Asheville (NC), Knoxville (TN), Morgantown (WV), and Windsor (ON, Canada) for brief stays.

Future Trips

Eripson is notorious for contemplating trips in every place of the world but never realizing them. He often wishes that he had the courage to leave everything, including the massive amounts of student loans he has accumulated in the USA, to just hitchhike the world. He expects that someday he will have this courage.

Current Trip

Eripson left his job and home in Temuco, Chile on 2 July 2011 to embark upon an internationl hitchhiking trip that is currently ongoing. He has passed through the north of Chile (again), Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. The original idea was to hitch to the USA, but his plans constantly change. As such he went back to the US to start exploring more his home country.


Eripson enjoys smoking Pall Mall menthol cigarettes, drinking Chilean red wine, and practicing the guitar.

Contact Him

  • Skype: lsdaos3lsd
  • Email: eblair0 at hotmail dot com