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South Dakota is a state of the United States of America.


South Dakota doesn't appear to have any state laws regarding hitchhiking. To be safe, stay on the shoulder of a road when hitchhiking.

Federal Districts

Note:All land regulated by the National Park service prohibits hitchhiking under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 section 4.31: Hitchhiking or soliciting transportation is prohibited except in designated areas and under conditions established by the superintendent.

  • Badlands National Park

Hitchhiking, or the soliciting of transportation, is permitted within the Park provided that the person does not stand in a roadway and that the hitchhiking/solicitation do not adversely affect visitor safety or the normal flow of traffic

  • Wind Cave National Park

4.31 has not been amended here, so hitchhiking is prohibited.


Rapid City


South Dakota has treated me below average for hitchhiking. Police in this state don't seem to mind hitchhikers at all. Obviously when going through South Dakota, one should feel obligated to detour through some of the scenic roads in the Black Hills or badlands. The rate of catching rides in these areas is slightly worse than average for a scenic mountainous area, but about equivalent to the national average overall.Thewindandrain (talk) 01:16, 2 October 2012 (CEST)

We had no trouble at all hitching in the Western part of South Dakota (can't speak for the Eastern part, sorry) on the interstate, during the Sturgis rally. And in Rapid City. People were friendly and helpful, including park officials in Spearfish Canyon (it's in the Black Hills National Forest and it's gorgeous. Highly reccomended if you can afford to pay the $16/night for the campsites. Dispersed camping is free and legal but impossible to find a location because you're surrounded by cliffs.) and the bikers all implied they would pick us up if only we would fit on their bikes. LOVE that you can walk on the interstates. -Dizzy

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