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Wyoming is a state in the Mid-West of the United States. It generally gets a bad rap for hitchhiking; other people (Zenit) consider this to be one of their favourite states in the whole US. Also it's great for pick up truck hitchhiking. So be prepared for rain and cold!

Rides can be few and far between in Wyoming, thus, the state troopers have a good chance in spotting you. And if you happen to get stuck in Buffalo, there's a railing along a bridge there where several lonely hitch-hikers from decades ago have signed their names. Add yours to the list, write something witty, then enjoy the four hour wait for your next ride.


Hitchhiking is officially legal as of July 1,2013 in Wyoming. A bill was introduced January 9, 2013 by Senator Leland Christensen called Senate File 29 in the 62nd Wyoming Legislature to legalize hitchhiking in the state. The bill was signed into law on February 28th, 2013. (Note that local jurisdictions might differ and that some police officers might not be aware of the change in law.)

Federal Districts

Note:All land regulated by the National Park service prohibits hitchhiking under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 section 4.31: Hitchhiking or soliciting transportation is prohibited except in designated areas and under conditions established by the superintendent.

  • Yellowstone National Park
36 CFR Hitchhiking or soliciting transportation shall be permitted within Yellowstone National Park except:
withing two tenths of a mile of an entrance station.
within 200 feet of a school, concession business or park service office building or visitor center.
in a residential area where signs exist establishing the area as residential areas only and discouraging public traffic.
while holding or having a sign which is larger than two feet by two feet in size.
the hitchhiker must stay off the paved surface of the roadway, though a hitchhiker may stand on pavement if clearly in a paved pullout.
where vehicles may not safely pull off of the main traffic lane
during the hours of darkness unless the hitchhiker is wearing bright clothing.
while under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.
when hitchhiking behavior is deemed unsafe or a nuisance by Park Staff.
  • Grand Teton National Park

Hitchhiking shall be permitted EXCEPT: Within two tenths of a mile of an Entrance Station, Within 200 feet of a park service office building or visitor center, while holding a sign that is larger than 2'x2' in size.


Wyoming is not a terrible place to hitchhike. Highway 89 along the western edge of Wyoming and highway 212 running northeast from Yellowstone National Park have some of the most spectacular scenery I have seen anywhere, although the majority of the state is rolling brown hills. My average wait times for rides was between 20 minutes and 1.5 hours which seems to be about the national average if not slightly better.Thewindandrain (talk) 01:12, 2 October 2012 (CEST)
I hitchhiked across Wyoming twice and ran into crazy natives with guns, a dentist who kidnapped me for the better part of a week and showed me all around and only one cop who told me that hitchhiking is illegal (after he and his colleagues had passed me at least four times already. I told him I was just hanging out and then continued, nothing happened. State troopers never paid any attention to me, though I made sure not to show them my thumb. Beautiful scenery, everybody who picked me up was super nice. --Zenit
While hitching on 25, a buddy and I got stopped twice by state troopers. The first was a pretty nice guy who ran our ID's to check for warrants, and when they came back clean, he told us that since hitching was our only mode of transportation, he'd let us go. About an hour later, another statey stopped us and was a bit more serious. If we hadn't already been given the go-ahead by the previous trooper, we just might have had to stay the night in jail.
Geez Wyoming is beautiful. Geeeez. I was on Greyhound and the bus broke down in the middle of noooowhere, middle of the night, we couldn't see anything but stars. The electricity was out so we had no lights, the truckers might have hit us, so they wouldn't let anyone off for cigarettes and there was practically a riot. At dawn we got off into the cooold Wyoming morning and saw how beautiful the canyons to either side of us were. A small group of us walked up the highway and found a raaaaandom stand, in the middle of NOWHERE, sellin fireworks and coffee for twenty five cents. Me and this stoner kid decided not to wait for the back-up bus and hitchhiked through. No problemos, just beautiful Wyoming. I could hardly keep myself together I was so happy to be alive.

Wyoming people are wonderful and helpful! We had no problems getting rides, never waited more than half an hour. One awesome guy was pretty much our personal tour guide and even paid for us to go see Devil's Tower. Lots of cops passed us and only one stopped to bitch at us that hitching was illegal. She had a realy attitude about it but didn't ask to search us, just ran our names. Walking on the interstate is legal so that's awesome. -Dizzy

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