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Utah is a Western state in the United States. Utah has many beautiful places, with a large percentage of wild land as well as state and national parks. The northern part of state is more heavily populated, while parts of central and Southern Utah are virtually uninhabited. Culturally, Utah is very religious, with a a very high concentration of Mormons. Traditionally, Mormons treat travelers very well, although this may not hold true for hitchhikers who are often seen as vagrants. Many people from all over the state go buy their alcohol in Wyoming, so you could try to hitch from liquor stores there.

Hitching is pretty easy in Utah. As is true in most of the world, the the more clean cut you look the better your odds of catching a ride. This is especially true with Mormons.

As a guideline, the state is generally divided into 3 sections: Northern, Central and Southern.

Northern Utah

Northern Utah consists of it's most populated areas, generally starting around Spanish Fork up to the border of Idaho. Major cities in Northen Utah include: Salt lake city, Provo, Ogden, Logan and Park City.

Central Utah

Central Utah ranges from Spanish Fork down approximately to Gunnison. There are no "major" cities in this area with the exception of:



Southern Utah

Begins at the Arizona border and reaches approximately to Gunnison. Moab, Saint George and Cedar City are the main cities of Southern Utah.


By strict definition, hitchhiking appears to illegal in Utah. However, many people successfully hitchhike through every year.

41-6a-1009. Use of roadway by pedestrians -- Prohibited activities. 3) Where a sidewalk or a shoulder is not available, a pedestrian walking along or on a highway shall

a.)walk as near as practicable to the outside edge of the roadway; and

b.)if on a two-way roadway, walk only on the left side of the roadway facing traffic

4) A person may not sit, stand, or loiter on or near a roadway for the purpose of soliciting from the occupant of a vehicle

a.)a ride

Federal Districts

Note:All land regulated by the National Park service prohibits hitchhiking under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 section 4.31: Hitchhiking or soliciting transportation is prohibited except in designated areas and under conditions established by the superintendent.

  • Zion National Park

Hitchhiking is allowed only in established roadside pullouts.

  • Bryce Canyon National Park

4.31 has not been amended here, so hitchhiking is prohibited.

  • Capitol Reef National Park

Hitchhiking is allowed on park roads in locations where a hazard is not created. Hitchhikers must stand on the road shoulder and not on the pavement. Obstructing traffic is prohibited.

  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

4.31 has not been amended here, so hitchhiking is prohibited.

  • Canyonlands National Park

4.31 has not been amended here, so hitchhiking is prohibited.

  • Arches National Park

4.31 has not been amended here, so hitchhiking is prohibited.


Utah is a fantastic state for hitchhiking. I never had any problems with the police. Southern Utah has several of America's prettiest drives and hikes, don't pass it up because of the laws! Thewindandrain (talk) 00:26, 2 June 2013 (CEST)

Hitched from St Georgeto Zions with climbing gear. Never stopped or questioned. Hitched to Salt Lake then Park City with snoboard - took 10 minutes. Rrsmck (talk) 03:45, 9 August 2013 (CEST)