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Nephi is a small town in Utah. Most of the town is located about 1.5 miles from I-15, but a few gas stations, hotels, and a truck stop are accessible from the southernmost on and off-ramps. The people in Nephi are genuinely nice, although the town has been known to attract some undesireables. At the time of writing, a woman was rescued from the hotel I'm staying at for trying to commit suicide after claiming her husband was chasing her. Police are still trying to find the husband. Never a dull moment in Nephi!

<map lat='39.710' lng='*111.83' zoom='10' view='3' />
Flag of United States
United States
State: Utah
Population: 6,443
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Hitching in

Nephi is accessible by I-15 north and south, highway 28 from the South, and highway 132 from the East and West.

Hitching out

There are 3 sets of exits and onramps along I-15 to access Nephi. The town is sprawled out, with approximately 2.5 miles between each of the three onramps. The northernmost onramp is less traveled and probably the most useless to any hitchhiker as there's not much around. The middle onramp is closest to the center of town (1.5 miles) and heavily used by locals. The southernmost offramp is my favorite, complete with hotels, 3 gas stations, a Burger King and (of course) a Flying J truck stop. Both north and south ramps are wide and hitchhiker friendly, plus they both connect to highway 28 should you be trying to get to Salina and I-70 as this hitchhiker is (I had originally planned to take I-15 further south to Scipio and catch highway 50, but realized that would be a little bit of a hike to the other side of town and a local pointed out that 28 goes to Gunnison and eventually Salina. Of course, a room at the 6 Motel equally changed my mind). For reference, the Safari Inn located in town is noted for frequent police calls. This may be an attraction or a repellent, depending on the reader. - Jsplts


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