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Wilmington is a city in North Carolina. It is the eastern terminus of the cross-country highway I40. The area is also known as Cape Fear. Cape Fear has some nice beaches. If you are looking for a touristy family beach go to Wrightsville beach. Carolina beach just south of there is the major party beach in the area. Kure Beach south of there is a more residential quiet beach. The furthest south beach in the area is Fort Fisher and is the prettiest and most laid back.

Hitching out

North/East towards Raleigh

Stand at the stoplight at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr Parkway and College Road.

Accommodation and Sleep

If you are going to be hanging out at Wrightsville Beach, the best place to camp is the small wooded area on the north side of US74/US76 just before you cross the first causeway (on the west edge of the drawbridge.) This spot will give you the shortest possible walk to the beach from your camp, because the other side of the causeway is all highly developed land.