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=== Google ===
=== Google ===
* '''[https://plus.google.com/111222582430970219528/ German Hitchhiking Championship]'''
* '''[https://plus.google.com/111222582430970219528/ German Hitchhiking Championship]'''
https://plus.google.com/115204293701741712866/ Hitchwiki
* '''[https://plus.google.com/115204293701741712866/ Hitchwiki]'''
=== "Hitchhiking Community Amino" ===
* '''[http://aminoapps.com/invite/PI3OSYKKED Hitchhiking Community Amino]'''
Social network for Hitchhiker
=== Facebook===
=== Facebook===

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Besides Hitchwiki there are quite a few decent websites out there with info about hitchhiking.

A huge list of hitchhiking-related websites can be also found here.

Some hitchhikers write their own blogs.

Social media




Practical info

Other languages

There are also Hitchwikis (or sister projects in other names) in other languages, Spanish, German, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Bulgarian and Russian.




  • AutostopArgentina is a community page for hitch-hikers from Argentina and South America in general. There's lots of detailed data about hitchhiking in Argentina, HOWTO's, and a forum with more than 1200 registered members.

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