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There are quite a few Blogging Hitchhikers around.

Updated Frequently

  • Mind of a Hitchhiker A hitchhiking and free-camping orientated blog with stories, videos and pictures of travels through Latin America, the Middle East and Europe - so far. The author is also an avid HitchWiki editor and occasionally teams up with others.
  • How To Hitchhike A blog with advice, trip reports, and hitching resources. Features a free book-length guide to hitchhiking in English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.
  • Journal of Nomads is a website and Youtube channel in which a travelling couple share their stories and tips while hitchhiking from Ireland to Alaska across six continents.
  • Magic Kervan Two Bulgarians hitchhiking from Europe to Indonesia. Inspiring stories for one year extreme travels and loads of fun.
  • Roaming Pencil Hitchhiking comics and other hitchhiking stories by Nina (OlcheMaith on Hitchwiki).
  • Birdsongsofpersia - for all of those un-lived days, a distinct call for justice against paperwork, dead time and dishonesty. An embrace to confusion, the wild days and the dissection of masks & loveless times. Jass

Moderately Updated

Sleeping blogs

Other blogs

Languages other than English


  • Information on recent activity of the German club Abgefahren e.V. on their blog (German)
  • Korn blogs and analyzes his hitchhiking trips in German on Warm Roads (German)



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