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A wiki is a webpage with pages that anyone can edit. Hitchwiki is one of them. Other wikis that might be of interest to hitchhikers or are somehow related:


  • Wikivoyage – free worldwide travelling guide (CC-by-sa)
  • Wikivoyage – free worldwide travelling guide (CC-by-sa)
  • – collects travel guide information for the creation of guidebooks on travelling (CC-by-sa)

Single wiki pages:


miscellaneous stuff that is useful to hitchhikers

  • – a wiki-style project to build a free global map
  •, about recycling waste (GFDL)
  • – wanna share more than just a ride? learn about sharing and how to share virtually everything and share your knowledge on the topic

See also

  • Websites for a list of other, non-wiki websites on hitchhiking