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Besides [[Hitchwiki]] there are quite a few decent '''websites''' out there with info about [[hitchhiking]].
Besides [[Hitchwiki:About|Hitchwiki]] there are quite a few decent '''websites''' out there with info about [[hitchhiking]].
A huge list of hitchhiking-related websites can be also found [http://www.autostop.lt/links.php here].
A huge list of hitchhiking-related websites can be also found [http://www.autostop.lt/links.php here].

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Besides Hitchwiki there are quite a few decent websites out there with info about hitchhiking.

A huge list of hitchhiking-related websites can be also found here.

Practical info

  • Liftershalte.info is a world map where everyone can mark hitching spots.
  • The Hitchbase is a database where hitchhikers can seek for good places to hitchhike. Most entries are in English but some are written in German, too. It is not that easy to update the information there but what is already updated fascinates at times (e.g., tips for hitching in Finland).
  • traveloblog.com is a community site where many hitchhikers store their travel blogs. The most known of them is Ludovic Hubler, French hitchhiker who finished his 5 year travel around the world utilizing various form of hitchhiking.

  • Suite 101 is a sort of on-line magazine which ran a monthly hitchhiking column from October 1996 to February 2003. The columnist, Bernd Wechner, ceased writing for Suite 101 in 2003 and the archive at Suite 101 itself has fallen into an embarrasing state of disrepair since. Bernd Wechner has however archived all the articles written for that column on his own site and Morgan Salman Strub has archived them on digihitch along with a wealth of other material from many contributors.
  • How To Hitchhike Effectively An easy but comprehensive guide to hitchhiking including how to pick up prepare, find the best hitching spots, pick up rides, and enjoy rides.


  • Digihitch is a complete web portal devoted to hitchhiking, with thousands of members around the world, and a new, original content every day. The site receives over 40,000 visitors each month. Digihitch.com has many different areas of information to: showcase new stuff, help travelers prepare for a trip, or to allow registered members to share stories and articles.
  • Great Campfire Forums - Discussion forums with thousands of topics on everything related to hitchhiking, including forums on road culture and regional travel. People new to hitchhiking can get help in the Sparkies forum.
  • Digihitch World - Map-based navigation of worldwide hitchhiking resources. Click on a country or sub-region to view its stories, links and discussion groups. Members can also vote for each region based on 5 key points (including affordability, safety and 'hitchhikability')
  • Encyclopedia of Road Sub-Culture - Includes hundreds of biographies, song lyrics, travel terms and movies. Favorites include our Hitchhiking in the Movies section- listing all movies that have hitchhiking- and Celebrity Sub-culture, with a listing of actors, musicians and other notables who have been on the road.

Other languages

There are also Hitchwikis (or sister projects in other names) in other languages, Spanish, German, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Bulgarian and Russian.


  • Liftari.org is a community webpage for Finnish hitchhikers. It's a community blog started in early 2004 that contains tips and stories about hitchhiking. The site is mostly in Finnish although foreigners who come to hitchhike in Finland can post questions on the forum, too.




  • AutostopArgentina is a community page for hitch-hikers from Argentina and South America in general. There's lots of detailed data about hitchhiking in Argentina, HOWTO's, and a forum with more than 1200 registered members.

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