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Theo is a hitchhiker from Sweden who's often to be found on the roads in Turkey.


Theo hitchhiked in the following countries:

Bosnia,Slovenia, Poland*, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Monaco*, Serbia*, Slovakia, Kosovo, Holland*, Belgium, Luxembourg*, Greece, Albania, Austria, Czech Republic, Iraq, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Senegal, Denmark Spain, Germany, Andorra, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Morocco, Belgium* and Turkey.

  • = hitchhiked through but never in the country


Longest ride: From Barcelona to 10 minutes from my parents doorstep in Göteborg, Sweden with a somewhat strange truckdriver. 2344 kilometers, 92 hours.

Fastest ride: 1482 km in 7 hours. Messina - Chamonix.

Slowest ride: 25 km in about 7 hours on a small, untrafficked (we didnt see a single other human being), Georgian mountain road. We did come across a abondoned Soviet war-poison factory with all the poison having been left to decompose in a very un-organic way.

Longest waiting time: 24 hours of actively hitchhiking (time spent eating tapas and sleeping 2 nights are not counted ^^). On a petrol station north of Malaga.

Funniest ride: Crazy georgian truckdriver on another small georgian mountain road going to Mestia.

Most hitchhiked country - Turkey. 91 days and something like 20000 kilometers


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